Funeral Plans: Co-op & Britannia to Sell Co-op Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans: Co-op & Britannia to Sell Co-op Funeral Plans

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

(The PrePaid Funeral Plans Review would remind you that there are many different funeral plans available.  It is rarely wise to take advice on such matters from a firm with access to only one plan, whether it be the Co-ops or anyone else’s.  We can help you to obtain the most suitable plan for your unique circumstances.)  Co-op PR follows.

The Co-operative Bank has launched a pioneering trial to offer co-op funeral plans to its customers through its high street branches.

The trial, at 30 selected branches of The Co-operative Bank and Britannia across the UK, will offer customers an alternative way to buy co-op funeral plans.

The Co-operative, the UK’s largest provider of funeral plans, is now offering a personal and approachable service which enables customers to sit down with a branch advisor who will guide them through the choice of (Co-op) funeral plans available to suit their needs.

Funeral plans from The Co-operative provide consumers with a financial solution to avoiding rapidly rising funeral prices. Funeral plans enable you to avoid future price increases by paying for a funeral in advance at today’s prices. They also help to relieve much of the emotional and costly burden to family and friends left behind as the key arrangements are made and paid for.

Over 100,000 funeral plans were sold across the UK in 2010 showing that more and more people are realising that planning and paying for their funeral in advance makes sense.

A range of funeral plan options will be available to consumers through these Co-operative Bank and Britannia branches, including Set Burial and Set Cremation Plans at varying price levels according to the customer’s budget either in one single payment or over 12 months at no additional fee.

Rod Bulmer, The Co-operative Bank’s Managing Director, Retail, said: “The Co-operative is in the unique position of being able to combine a trusted bank brand with a successful funeral planning division. By bringing these businesses closer together, we can offer our customers much easier access to personal funeral planning services.”

Ian Mackie, Managing Director of The Co-operative Life Planning, is also enthusiastic about the project: “It’s an exciting trial for The Co-operative and for customers because it allows us to help so many more people find out about the significant benefits of funeral planning within a more accessible and approachable environment.”

Co-op Funeral Plans Press Release

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