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Sadly, the Financial Conduct Authority has made it impossible for us to continue offering Independent Advice.

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

The Prepaid Review is my brainchild: I’m Stephen Pett, director of a group of businesses designed to help people from before the cradle until after the grave – see below.   I had always strongly felt that prepaid funeral plans were a great idea, but I just didn’t have the time to do the necessary research to advise on which was the most appropriate prepaid funeral plan for any particular person, in a rapidly changing market with almost monthly changes, especially in cost! That is, until Julie helped me to set up our Funeral Plan Review System, which was a really big job.   She has now moved on to work in the Church, and I and my colleagues now keep up the good research work in this rapidly changing market.  Some of the new developments are good, some really are not and we couldn’t possibly recommend them.

The need for independent advice is greater than ever as the marketing people try to find new ways to sell their plans, some of which are (in our opinion) of poor quality.

For your security, we never ever take your money, all cheques or other payments are payable DIRECT to the funeral plan companies.  They are usually sent in via us, so we can check the forms are correct, but payments must ALWAYS be in the name of the plan provider, not ours.

Not which funeral plan is best, you may note. There is no such thing as the best funeral plan.  Just the best value for your needs, wishes and pocket at a particular point in time.   A week later and prices go up or terms and conditions may have changed, making another plan the new best buy for an individual in otherwise identical circumstances.  No two people have identical circumstances, budgets and wishes, we find.  That’s why the Prepaid Funeral Review was born.

Anyway, as business grew, I managed to secure the services of Julie and then Bobbie (later enticed away into another field by large amount of money!), who have the sort of analytical minds to review all of the plans companies literature and find both the flaws and the good points.Prepaid Funeral Review

Would you believe that some so called “funeral plans” don’t actually make any contribution towards the cost of the funeral itself?  They just pay for the undertaker, and leave the family to pay for the cremation, doctors, ceremony etc.  So if you see something which is cheap compared with our recommendation, there is usually a very good reason for it.

I make sure that our team have the time to review all the changes and to take note of the experiences of people buying and using prepaid funeral plans.  That takes some time, pretty much every single week, as there are plenty of top quality competitors, and we don’t want to take risks when advising on something as crucial as funeral plans.

Anyway, that is us, and we’ll be pleased to hear of your experience and advise you and your family if you wish.

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We are a modest firm who take our duty to our clients very seriously, so we always do our best to offer clients with the best possible advice and service.   We aren’t perfect, but we do care, passionately.

We offer – should you wish it – a wide range of specialist services from associated businesses including:

  • Last Will and testaments.
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney.
  • Probate
  • Trusts
  • Estate Planning.
  • Inheritance Tax Advice
  • Deeds of Variation

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