Funeral Plans More Important for Larger People

Funerals for larger people.

We are often asked how big you need to be to cause problems for funeral directors.  The answer may shock you, but bear in mind much of the infrastructure of the industry is 50+ years old.

The average Briton is getting larger – and so are the problems when a larger person dies:

And that is posing problems for many of the UK’s undertakers, burial grounds and crematoria.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

When they were designed, the average Briton was two or three inches shorter and a couple of stone lighter.   So anyone over what is now a common height of 6’’2” (188 cms) or weight of 18 stone (114 kg) or so may need special arrangements to be made and these are much better made during lifetime than as a last minute panic when things go wrong.

Quite apart from the better health and increasing height and weight of the population, it has been predicted that over half of us will be seriously overweight by  2050.

Apart from the need for bearers to be protected from the extra burden for health and safety reasons, the problems of burial are less than for cremation.  Refitting crematoria is a very expensive process, so it is only being carried out slowly over the years, so it is quite possible that the local crematorium may not be able to handle larger than average coffins.

This is where our advice on prepaid funeral plans can make all the difference: with pre-planning, things can be put in place to ensure that the undertakers are able to handle the deceased, and don’t turn up only to go away again as they cannot do so!   We can advise larger folk on the preplanning of their funeral, and which undertakers can look after them with dignity.   On death, the a correctly equipped undertaker can advise the family immediately of the arrangements which will need to be made, as they will be pre-warned.

Funerals for larger people:

  • A few years ago, the average coffin was 22 (56 cms) to 24 inches wide, but now 26 inches has become common, with coffins up to 40” (102 cms) wide being in demand.  And many undertakers will struggle to handle them.
  • As mentioned above, cremation is more usual than burial these days, but many in the UK cannot cope with larger bodies.
  • Lifting – there are serious Health and Safety Issues for undertakers staff, who may need to use trolleys at all times as well as specialist winching equipment for burials.
  • Some hearses may not be able to accommodate the larger coffins, meaning that alternative methods of transport will have to be found at extra cost – which can often be saved by using a well organised prepaid funeral plan.
  • The storage of larger people is just not possible in older funeral directors stores – they simply won’t fit into the refrigeration.

So why not contact us to arrange a prepaid funeral plan, so you can deal with the issues rather than leave them as a nasty surprise to those left behind?