Golden Charter Prices Rise

Golden Charter Prices Rise – big increase in costs

We have discovered that Golden Charter prices rise shortly.

Golden Charter Funeral Plans are to raise their fees substantially, and where the go others are sure to follow.

With buying a prepaid funeral plan, there is never a better time to buy than right now.

Why? Because funeral inflation is normally much higher than general inflation.  It is currently running at 8.7%.  That means that a plan currently costing £2,500 will have risen to £3,210.91 in just three years time, £3,793 in 5 years time and a staggering £5,757.91 in 10 years time if inflation stays the same.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you savings give anything like that return after tax?
  • Do your savings qualify for full Inheritance Tax relief, potentially saving a further 40%?
  • Should you transfer some of your savings into a funeral plan?

As specialists, once you have completed our enquiry form, it is our job to trawl the market and review the prepaid funeral plans based on your criteria to find the plan which offers you the best value.   With plan prices being increased regularly by funeral plan providers – Golden Charter is just the latest – best buys are changing all the time, so we have to work hard to stay up to date.   It is often the tiny little detail that we capture from a discussion with you after you have returned the funeral plan enquiry form which enables us to pick the plan which is just perfect for you.

Common funeral plan wishes:

  • Green funerals – there are many different options here, not just one as the PR would have you believe.
  • Faith funerals – different religions have specific rules about how the process is undertaken – for example, burial only, burial within 24 hours, no embalming.
  • Extra limousines – “because my friends are blind.”
  • Special Coffins.
  • “I want to tour the town before I go.”  Well, perhaps they are not all common!

Anyway, with the Golden Charter prices increase about to hit, there has never been a better time to download our enquiry form and start thinking about all the trouble you can save your family by preplanning your funeral.

Golden Charter Prices