Golden Leaves Funeral Plan Trust 2018

Updated Information on the Golden Leaves Trust November 2018.

The Golden Leaves Trust has continued to grow over the past year, with 35,896 active
plans (incl. of instalment plans) in the fund at the financial year-end, a 14% increase compared to a year before. The total value of trust investments has also increased due to new plans purchased during the year and an increase in the value of the investments and is now approximately £95 million.

The Golden Leaves Trust Statement to 31st March 2018.

The full audited figures for the Golden Leaves Trust to 31st March 2018 – are below. The trust saw significant growth over the year due to good performance of investments and a 15% increase in the number of plans sold.

All disbursements and some contracts increased in line with the RPI. Where contract
performance is related to the performance of the trust, the trustees applied a bonus of 4% to funeral directors fee.
The actuary reported a surplus of assets over liabilities of 24% – after the bonuses have been applied – to provide a realistic solvency margin.

Year to March 31st 2018 figures:

Plans purchased 7325
Funerals 2132
Active plans at year end 35,896 (including instalment plans)
Total net assets £94,967,000
Total future liabilities £76,465,000
Surplus £18,502,000