Plan a Green Funeral in Advance With Golden Leaves

Plan a Green Funeral with Golden Leaves.

As Independent advisers, please contact us for the latest updates on environmentally healthy / eco/ green plans and see our main page here.

Standard Green Funeral Plans Glade      Meadow  Woodland 
Funeral Director’s professional services
Advice on funeral registration, documentation and certification
Local removal from place of death to funeral director’s premises
(within 25 miles)
Working Hours 24 Hrs 24 Hrs
Care of deceased prior to funeral / Hygienic treatments (excludes Embalming)
Chapel of Rest available for family and friends to visit
Veneer coffin
Bamboo coffin
Pine / Willow / Wool / Reflections coffin
Carbon replacement
Community Legacy (donation to Groundwork)
Natural Memorial(choice of Option A, B or C below)
Attendance of conductor and four pallbearers on day of funeral
Provision of hearse for service at Crematorium/Cemetery
Provision of one limousine
Provision of two limousines
Full listing of floral tributes
Thank you cards
Bereavement counselling (where available)
Disbursements* see note below. Available at extra cost

Planning a green funeral, for an increasing number of people, cutting damage to the

Funeral Plan Quotes
Green Funeral Plan Quotes

environment is an important life goal. But do those principles what about when you die? Planning ahead is not a wildly popular topic (can’t think why!), but standard funeral practices do use up natural resources and contribute to air and water pollution.  Cremation gives off toxic substances such as soot, sulphur dioxide, and mercury (from dental fillings).  Big improvements have been made to crematoria in recent years from this viewpoint with megabucks being spent on expensive filtration equipment – pushing up costs and the prices of prepaid plans.  While religious, cultural, or family traditions might shape most things, planning for a green burial through your prepaid green funeral plan can help your loved ones comply  with your wishes for a low-impact green funeral.

Since green burial practices are not yet that common, we have to undertake a fair bit of research so we do ask you not to send in your enquiry unless you are ready to take out a green funeral plan within the next couple of weeks.  In most cases the green funeral plot will need to be purchased separately, as it is impossible to guarantee availability or cost of the actual burial plot in the future.

And do bear in mind that green funerals are mostly more expensive than normal ones.

Here are some factors to consider whilst thinking about you green funeral plan.


Embalming is the preservation of a body from decay, originally with spices and, more recently, through arterial injection of embalming fluid.  It is associated with the Egyptians, but today’s process is very different.

The current use of the word “embalming” is misleading.  The process is generally referred to as hygienic treatment.  It is used to improve the visual appearance of the body and to prevent deterioration in the period leading up to the funeral which would make the viewing of the deceased by relatives a less distressing event.  It has no long-term preservative value and cannot be compared with the Egyptian concept of preserving bodies.

The decision as to the merits of embalming must lie with the individual although a number of issues should be considered:


The embalming process involves removing the body fluids and replacing them with a solution of formaldehyde, often containing a pink dye.  The body fluids are treated and disposed of via the public sewer.  The embalming fluid normally consists of a 2% solution of formaldehyde, an irritant, volatile acid.

Those who have concerns that embalming fluid may pollute the environment have a right to stipulate that this is not carried out on their body after death. Similarly, executors or nearest relatives making funeral arrangements can specify that embalming is not carried out on the deceased. Better yet, specify it in your green funeral plan.

In some burial schemes, such as woodland burial, all chemicals may be prohibited.  This restriction may apply to embalming fluid as well as to horticultural chemicals.

Green funeral plans
Green funeral plans


You should reasonably expect to be informed about the embalming process. If you are opposed to embalming, it may be advisable to expressly forbid it.  Some undertakers are firm believers in embalming, so a prepaid green funeral plan settles things once and for all!

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