The Eternity Tree Funeral Plans Reviewed 2021

The Eternity Tree Funeral Plans are a welcome addition to the market for environmentally friendly green funeral plans.

We already plant a tree for our clients, but The Eternity Tree Funeral Plan take it much further: they plant 11 trees when you take the plan out, and a further 19 when you croak (not in the frog mode!)

They also offer a separate option which we really like, to have your ashes planted in your garden or another suitable spot with a specially bred tree and compost for those ashes to nourish. More below the price table.

We back up their offering with our special bonus package when the plan is booked through us. Their plans are certainly reasonably priced, here are the prices as at June 2020:

Eternity Tree Funeral Plan Prices

No one provider can be all things to all people, so we very much welcome this attempt to help the planet.

Please give us a call to discuss on 0800 0588 240, or use the Green Funeral Plan Enquiry form.


Eternity Tree Funeral PlansWhat we like even more is their Green Urn – what better way to be remembered than as part of the support for new life in the same of a tree growing from your green urn in the family home or other suitable site?

At £395, way better value than a pretty and expensive urn from the undertaker!  More details on request.


Eternity Tree Funeral Plans