Green Funerals Grow in Popularity

Green Funerals Grow

Green Funerals: four in ten UK adults over 50 want countryside resting place, not cemetery.

Three in ten prefer bright colours to be worn at funeral.

Two in ten want pop songs, not hymns.

Five in ten have not discussed these wishes with loved ones.

More than 40% of UK adults over 50 want to be buried – or have their ashes scattered – in the countryside, or in a natural woodland setting, rather than ending up in a typical graveyard, a survey for Golden Leaves Green Funeral Plans says.

Green Funeral Shift

As well as the significant shift away from traditional cemeteries, the research also found  ‘green’ is  fast becoming the new black when it comes to funerals.  More than three in ten of those surveyed nationally wanting an environmentally friendly or green funeral service.

Overly sombre services could soon become a thing of the past, too, as people opt for more “pop” music rather than hymns, and wanting bright colours not the traditional funeral black.

Coffins are increasingly made from environmentally friendly materials such as willow, bamboo, sea grass, cardboard, or even wool. Intriguingly, more people are choosing to have their environmentally friendly coffins decorated with images of themselves – or the colours of their favourite football team.

When asked about wishes for their own funerals, just under a three in ten – all aged over 50 and living in theUK- said they wanted bright colours to be worn. Red, closely followed by purple, were the two most popular colours.

Two in ten wanted their favourite “modern song” played as a final tribute, rather than a traditional hymn or Psalm.

Worryingly, despite four in ten thinking about their own mortality at least once a week, half had not discussed their wishes with family while almost six in ten had  not yet made any provision for their funeral costs.

The survey of 1,118 UK adults aged over 50 was carried out by Opinion Matters in February 2012, on behalf of Golden Leaves Green Funeral Planning.

The Prepaid Funeral Review staff work to help people chose appropriate and good value prepaid green funeral (or standard) plans and start to make a proper plan to help those left behind. Click the link for if you want a green funeral or just an ordinary one.



Green Funerals Grow