Two For The Price of One Funeral Plans?

Half Price Funeral Plans?

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Half price funeral plans are not a reality. But there are ways of couples halving what they pay for a funeral plan. For example, we can arrange a joint funeral plan which can be used on the first death. If it were life insurance (and it is not) it would be a joint life first death funeral plan.

One Funeral Plan Two Potential Users.

After all the reason for taking out a funeral plan is mainly to make life easy for the survivor.
So a small number of funeral plan providers (and we know which ones) will allow you to but a funeral plan which can be used by the first of the couple to die.

At that point, the funds may be available to invest in a second funeral plan – which would be ideal. Or it may be that the second funeral just has to be paid out of the assets of the second person to die. If there is enough money in the bank after the second death, then the bank will usually agree to pay the funeral directors bill direct. But they will NOT refund the undertakers fee if the family pay it first and ask for the money back. If that happens, probate will normally be required before the family can be repaid.

One Funeral Plan Many Potential Users.

Moving on from their, it is possible with some companies to transfer the use of a plan to a third party. Lets say you have wisely taken out a plan (with our free advice, obviously!) and your mother dies without a plan, or the cash to pay for a funeral. Some companies will allow you to use your plan for your mothers funeral. A worse scenario would be a child dying, and at least it would relieve you of the immediate financial strain, which is something.

So one funeral plan could be used for any family member.  It isn’t always the oldest one who dies first sadly.   The convenience of prepaid funeral plans for couples which can also be donated to other family members in the event of an unexpected death cannot be over estimated,

These features are only available in a few funeral plans, so our Independent Advice just could be even more critical than just wasting a few hundred pounds on a funeral plan with no advantages over a much less expensive one. But that sort of advice is our province, so why not contact us today?

Half price funeral plans.