How much does a funeral cost in

How much does a funeral cost in….

How much does a funeral cost in your area? Funeral costs are rising at by an average of around 7%  every year, according to the Sun Life Mintel annual survey of funeral costs. When you see these figures, you will begin to see just how important a prepaid funeral plan can be when someone dies, and cost is only a small part of the issues which have to be dealt with.

Just a very basic funeral with no flowers or other extras has risen in price over 70% in less than eight years.   As at May 2012, a basic funeral will set you back £3,284 (average across the UK). Within five short years it is likely that funeral costs will have increased by nearly a further third. Not that we are suggest you contact us urgently before funeral plan prices rise too ;>)  Typically funeral plan costs rise twice a year trying to keep up with funeral inflation, so the sooner you lock in at current prices the better!

Prepaid funeral plans are designed to ease this extra burden following a death, though some plans we review do not even achieve the most basic requirement of a prepaid funeral plan: paying for the funeral.   If you are looking for a funeral plan, you can either take a gamble (for your family) on picking the right one.  Or you can contact us for independent advice.

Should you be in need of a family run funeral director immediately, please go here.

How much does a funeral in London cost?

A basic cremation in London costs an average of £3,411.   Add in the fairly basic extras detailed below and the bill rises to a substantial £6120.

A burial in London with a service but no other extras pushes the cost to £6,082, add in the standard extras and someone is going to have to find £8791.

How much does a funeral cost in the South East?

Once again a basic cremation with service is “just” £2,919.  Add in the fairly standard extras and the bill rises to a whisker under £5,000.

For a burial in the South East, the average cost with just a service is close to four thousand pounds at £3,876.  Go for the usual extras and this rises to nearly £6,000.

How much does a funeral cost in the Midlands?

A basic cremation in the Midlands is likely to cost an average of £2,761 (at least, it would have in May 2012.)  With the extras the figure is a little short of £4,800.

For a typical burial in the Midlands with no trimmings you are looking at a little over £3,650.  Add in the extras detailed below and that will rise by around £2,000.

How much does a funeral cost in the Yorkshire and Humber?

Basic cremation in the Yorkshire and Humber will set the family back about £2,850.  The extras in this region are once again likely to add at least £2,000.

How about a burial in the Yorkshire and Humber area? Basic funeral will probably cost just over £3,500.  The standard extras will add around £2,100 to the cost.

How much does a funeral cost in Wales?

In Wales, a basic cremation with a service costs around £2,850.   In Wales, the extras are a little less costly at around £1,650, making a total of about £4,500.

The basic burial with a service in Wales is around £3,465.  Add in the common extras and the total cost will increase to over £5,100.

How much does a funeral cost in Scotland?

Scots are likely to have to fork out cremation an average of  £2,767  for a basic cremation with service, add in the extras and the funeral bill may rise by over £2,000.

The basic Scottish funeral including a burial may be just over £3,500.  Once again the extras may be a bit over £2,000.

How much does a funeral cost in the South West of England?

A service plus a basic cremation in the South West will leave a little change out of £3,000 with luck.  The extras in the South West are likely to be a relatively modest £1,700.

A burial in the South West will probably cost a little under three thousand five hundred pounds.  The extras would move the bill up to a little over £5,200.

How much does a funeral cost in the North West of England?

A basic cremation with a service in the North West should leave some change from three thousand pounds.   The extras would add a remarkably modest £1,100.

Similarly, a burial and service should cost around £1,000 extra.

How much does a funeral cost in the North East of England?

The basic cremation and service, a little under £3,000.  Extras as detailed below a little over £1,600.  A basic North Eastern burial and service should be a shade under £3,500.  The extras will typically add £1,600 plus.

How much does a funeral cost in Northern Ireland?

According to the survey a basic cremation and service in Northern Ireland would be a little under £2,900 with £1,700 or so for the extras.   Surprisingly burial in Northern Ireland seemed to cost only a few ponds more.

This is how the cost of Funeral Expenses worked out for the survey:

1. Funeral Directors Services including:

  • Collection of the body (20/25 mile radius.)
  • Care of the body.
  • Making necessary arrangements; paying disbursements  attending to paperwork, liaison with relevant parties.
  • Chapel of rest for viewing during working hours.
  • Hearse and single limousine with funeral director plus four bearers for family to and from cemetery/crematoria.
  • An oak veneer coffin.

2. Funeral Service conductor: clergy, lay officiant or humanist.

3. Doctors fees for certification if required.

4. Cost of the cremation or burial

The details of additional funeral costs came through a market survey in May 2012.  They are only a rough costs and will vary substantially in local areas.

Typical additional funeral expenses:   

  • Funeral Flowers
  • Floral tributes at the funeral service.
  • Death Notice: an advert placed in local, trade or even national newspapers so family and friends who have not been contacted directly can be alerted.
  • Funeral Notice advert notice to inform family and friends when the funeral will take place.
  • Extra Limousine: a single limousine is included in the basic funeral costs above, we have included an additional limousine with the extras.
  • Order of service printed especially for the funeral as a keepsake.
  • Memorial headstone, or perhaps a bench to commemorate a loved one.
  • Food/drink for the reception after the service and perhaps the hire of a room.

 How much does a funeral cost in…..

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