How Much Does a Prepaid Funeral Plan Cost in 2019?

how much does a funeral plan cost?

Cost of Funeral Plans

How Much Does a Funeral Plan Cost? It depends what you are looking for! The cheapest form of funeral plan is a Direct Cremation Plan – no ceremony just straight of to the crematorium.  Around £1600 will set one of those up, a little less for some – but with good reason!.

Just remember that costs are only going to go up, and a recent enquirer who died withing days could have saved on the £1,500 or so and used exactly the same undertaker when she died a few days later had she gone ahead with a funeral plan – but cost is not the main reason most people buy funeral plans.

What we would consider to be a proper funeral plan allowing for a family service at the crematorium would start at around £3000, averaging about £3,500.  But they are all a little different.  If it is much less than that, chances are it is one which pays just the undertaker and not crematorium, celebrant / minister or doctor.  Good schemes allow an index-linked £1,200 or so for those.  Some are “fully guaranteed” but you need to be aware that the meaning is not what you might think! So quietly ignore those can make a poor scheme look financially very attractive. And they do suck in a lot of people, so contact us on 0800 0588 240 before making a decision.

Upgrades are measured by the number of limousines required for the family.

A standard plan assumes the family can drive themselves.

A mid range plan adds one family limousine, a slightly possher coffin and maybe a few trimmings adding £300 to £400 to the funeral plan cost.

A top range plan allows 2 limousines, even posher coffin and more trimmings and adds another £300 to £400 to the cost of the funeral plan.

Of course, the sky is the limit and you can add to the cost of the funeral plan towards other extras, should you wish to do so. Be aware that Church Services and burials complicate matters – make sure you advise us of this so we can be sure that the cost of the funeral plan allows for them.

As Independent funeral plan advisers, it is our job to find the right plan for your needs and wishes at the right price.   We discuss the options and recommend the plan which we feel is the most suitable for you from across the market.  It takes about 5 minutes to chat things through, then we can tell you exactly “How Much Does a Funeral Plan Cost.”  Not just any old plan, but the one which we feel is best suited to your needs, location and pocket.

How Much Does a Funeral Plan Cost?

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

A good average price in July 2019 for a “normal” funeral plan is around the £3,300 mark, and sometimes we can give you a discount (where we can – please ask).

In terms of monthly payments over 10 years the cheapest (proper) funeral plan costs less than £20 a month.  An average simple plan a little under £35, with a small deposit.  “HOW MUCH!” we hear you exclaim!!  “We see that nice man on TV saying just a few pounds a month!”

Yes indeed, but those sort of plans are payable for many, many years, and they usually pay a fixed sum, with no inflation proofing at all.  They have other serious disadvantages too.   See our information on these plans, and if you want our expert advice, don’t buy one if you can possibly afford not too. Contact us to get advice on a proper prepaid funeral plan.

But the cost of the prepaid funeral plan isn’t everything…..

The cheaper end of the funeral plan market is dangerous water for those who are not experts. You can easily buy a plan which either upsets your whole family because they don’t get a chance to say goodbye.  Or you can saddle them with a large bill where you buy a so-called funeral plan which ONLY covers the funeral directors costs.  The cost of burial or cremation is then an extra, and that can be very substantial.   No funeral plan covers every possible expense, but a good one will cover the basic things so that any extras are not really essential.  If you consider limousines, flowers, memorial masonry, burial plots, printing etc etc. essential, we can include those, but the cost of the funeral plan will rise.

Direct Cremation Funeral Plans are low cost. But they just whisk you away, possibly hundreds of miles, and only the undertaker may be present at your cremation.

How Much Does a Funeral Plan Cost? Is a great question, but you need expert advice to get the RIGHT answer to the REAL question: “How much is the most suitable plan for me?”