How much unnecessary grief do you want to cause your family when you die?

How much unnecessary grief do you want to cause your family when you die?

“None” you reply innocently “maybe a few tears and some sadness.”

In reality the situation is very different:

1)      Your family will probably have trouble finding the information the Registrar needs to register the death.   You can download a list at The Probate Department Ltd and ease the unnecessary grief.

2)      The undertaker will be keen to part your family from their money they can ill afford by guilt-tripping them into proving their love by spending more money.  With independent advice from us, you could have a prepaid funeral plan in place which will prevent unnecessary grief from :

3)                  The big family fall out as everyone is determined they know what sort of send of you would have wished for. Clearly, they will all have different ideas!  See 2 above for a partial solution and look at our bonuses which provide a much broader solution.

4)                    When the funeral is all over, there will be months of work to sort out “probate” until the assets can be distributed – typically 6 to 9 months.  Both the delay and the cost can be reduced with advanced planning.  Ask us and avoid unnecessary grief!

Prepaid funeral plans are becoming increasingly popular as more people help their families by arranging things in advance to save those left behind from having to make all of the decisions at a time of sorrow.

What most people don’t understand is the wide range of prepaid funeral plans that are available in terms of what they cover.  The poor level of service provided by some household names is also crucial. At The Prepaid Funeral Review we listen to the opinions who those who have had dealings with prepaid funeral plan providers – and some of their experiences are not as good as we would wish, so some the providers have an uphill struggle to get a recommendation from us!

When you take out a funeral plan you can tailor some of them exactly as you wish. If you want to include the cost of a wake, you can.  If you want to take a final tour of your home town, you can budget for that too.   You can decide the music, the dress code, the readings, the flowers – and most other things you can think of.

Pay for everything in advance and avoid unnecessary grief.

Not only will your relatives not have to worry about organising your funeral , it will all be paid for and inflation proofed (depending on the plan.)

Is that not a thoughtful gift?

Get Independent expert advice from The Prepaid Funeral Review Team.

When you arrange a funeral plan, don’t get sold the only plan a firm can offer, or buy it because you get a free Parker pen or carriage clock. Get INDEPENDENT advice from The Prepaid Funeral Review team.   We are here to help – why not download our enquiry form now – we don’t need your contact details until you decide the time is right to go ahead – but do remember that funeral price inflation is more than double normal inflation, and your funeral cost isn’t fixed until you have paid for your prepaid funeral plan.  On average, funeral plan prices go up about 4 times a year as the providers jockey for position.   Price isn’t everything, but a months delay could add £400 to the bill if you are unlucky.

Avoid unnecessary grief