How to choose a Funeral Plan – A Guide

How to choose a Funeral Plan:

  1. We can help you choose the best prepaid funeral plan which suits your wishes and pocket – don’t be SOLD oneThey are very far from being all the same.  Saving money is part of the excercise, making life easier for those left behind is actually the main benefit.
  2. Remember that most people sell the plans of a single provider and they may not even be aware if it is one of the worst in the market – but we are! We will help you to choose a funeral plan – the most suitable one for you.
  3. Never choose a funeral plan and buy it over the phone, unless you have already seen and READ the brochure and terms and conditions.  We always think cheques are safer.
  4. If you invite a salesperson into your home, come to an agreement before they come that you will need to consider matters for a few days and you will NOT be buying on the spot, They may not like it though! – How to choose a funeral plan
  5. Independent advice on choosing a funeral plan for you from across the market costs you nothing, it usually saves money.
  6. We will not tell you to cancel a proper funeral plan you have already bought, so speak to us before you choose a funeral plan to buy (or cancel) – if we can’t beat what you are looking at, we will tell you.
  7. We will send you out a written recommendation suggesting the best funeral plan for you to choose, along with all the relevant brochures, terms and conditions etc. We know this loses us sales as people don’t get round to acting, but we believe it is the best way to operate ethically and sleep peacefully!
  8. No plan covers everything, so you need to know what you want: We lay the truth bare here. 
  9. Read our booklet – How to Choose a Funeral Plan, use the form to the right to request it (below for mobiles.)

Call us on 0800 0588 240 or use the enquiry form to the right for straight advice – all we ask is that you use the forms we send you if you accept our recommendation.  You will not get a sales pitch from us.

How to choose a funeral plan