Interest Free Funeral Plans

Interest Free Funeral Plans – up to 3 years,

Until recently, the only option was for 12 monthly interest free payments for funeral plans.

This meant that lots of people were forced to go for insurance based funeral plans, with all their disadvantages.

The Prepaid Funeral Review is pleased to report that we have negotiated terms which can reduce monthly payments to as little as just over £47 a month – much less if you can afford a deposit.   It is more than an insurance based plan, but you could be paying for that for 50 years, rather than just 3 years.   Ideally, put down a good deposit and reduce the monthly payments on your prepaid funeral plan substantially.

Interest Free Funeral Plans – could be just£33 a month!

Interest Free Funeral Plans

Interest Free Funeral Plans

If you could manage a £1000 deposit, then the monthly cost could be well under £20 a month.  Even a £500 deposit would cut the payments to a little over £33 a month which is starting to become affordable for most people.  And remember, you have only 36 installments to make then the plan is paid for.   The plan also allows you to add additional funds to pay for things other than the funeral directors services – this particular plan is specifically designed to be affordable, so whilst it covers the funeral directors fees, it doesn’t cover as much as the far more expensive plans – but then it costs FAR less, so you can make a start and perhaps add some more funds once the basic plan is fully paid.  In fact your could buy tow basic plans for the price of one comprehensive plan!

Affordable Interest Free Funeral Plans – and they are proper funeral plans.

Interest free payments are available on most funeral plans, but 3 years is an exceptionally long time – we would expect prepaid funeral plan costs to go up by around 22% over 3 years, so the three year interest free funeral plan is a real bargain, as long as the plan itself is appropriate for your needs.

But that is why The Prepaid Funeral Review exists – to help you find the best value funeral plan for your circumstances.   So why not download the enquiry form now?

Interest free funeral plans at low cost.

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