Jazz Funerals

Jazz Funerals

Jazz funerals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but they are different! Maybe the deceased loved jazz?   Turns out the UK has at least one Jazz Funerals specialist, and some of the jazz funeral videos below are theirs.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funerals are difficult occasions for all concerned, this particular New Orleans jazz funerals band (“Accoustic Jass”) can help you with the choice of music for jazz funerals, to either, celebrate the life of your loved one or, to mark their passing with music they enjoyed.

Traditionally at New Orleans funerals jazz music is played sombrely with spirituals and dirges before burial or cremation. Afterwards a joyful celebration. But in the UK most people ask for happy jazz music as a celebration of their life and sometimes afterwards at the wake.

This jazz band has played at many jazz funerals in England, walking in front of the hearse or playing music during the service whether religious or secular, at the graveside and very often at the reception or wake afterwards (people say it helps break the awkward silence).

This is advice from another jazz band who regularly play at jazz funerals – they are based in the London area.

” What advice can we give to people wanting to hire a New Orleans Jazz Band for a loved ones funeral?

1. How many musicians do you require? We normally suggest four to six depending on your budget.

2. What should the band wear? Black tie and black suits are usually appropriate, or tuxedos and bow ties.

3. How much music should we have? I suggest that the band play the funeral hearse up to the chapel. The music is slow New Orleans Jazz to mourn the loss of the individual. There is then usually a small service of remembrance. The jazz band normally retires for this portion of the proceedings, but can play in the chapel if required. Once the funeral party come out, either to bury the deceased or to look at floral tributes, the New Orleans Jazz Band will strike up playing celebratory music. This normally goes on for between fifteen and twenty minutes.

4. Is that it? Not always. We can start outside the family house and take the funeral cortege down to the cemetery if it is local. We often get asked to go back to a relative’s house after the funeral to play for the wake.

5. How do you charge? We charge by the musician. Factors include where in England or Wales the funeral takes place and how much music is required.”

In a prepaid funeral plan, you can certainly ask for a specific band to play at your funeral, and add in a sum of money sufficient to pay the Jazz Funeral Bands fee.  However, it may we be another band that plays at your jazz funeral.



The Piccolo Dixieland Band was established as a Street Theatre act in 2005 and was rewarded in 2006 with the audience award.

The Piccolo Dixieland Band won 2nd prize at the Highest Mountain Jazz Contest in Vaals, Holland.

The Piccolo’s started a Dixieland Band in 1986 with experienced jazz musicians from Limburg Belgium and Limburg the Netherlands (Euro region).

They play strong arrangements of repertoire coming from the old Jazz era 1900 — 1960, Dixieland and the swing period.

Jazz Funeral.

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