Not long to live?

Not Long to Live?

If you have had a bad diagnosis and have not long to live, funeral plans suddenly come into sharp focus.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

There are many options which you will discover through this site, but there are other options which we are reluctant to publish for fear they might be withdrawn. We do suggest that you contact us immediately if you or a friend or relative who has been diagnosed with a terminal condition.  Provided you have at least six months to leave, we may be able to help.

So if you or someone you know has not long to live, but doesn’t already have a proper prepaid funeral plan.  (As opposed to the Axa Sun Life Guaranteed Over 50 Plan sold by Michael Parkinson which just pays out a guaranteed fixed lump sum towards the cost of the funeral – unless the new ones are different.   With funeral inflation running at 8.7%, a fixed sum will soon be inadequate.)

There is nothing wrong with a level payout life insurance policy, it will make a useful contribution towards funeral costs, but it is NOT a prepaid funeral plan. If you do have one of the Guaranteed Over 50 Plans, we suggest you contact us to arrange a basic prepaid funeral plan, and let the Axa Plan cover the extras.

Contact us urgently and we may be able to save you lots of money if you don’t have too long to live.

Most people who know they don’t have too long to live like to get their affairs organised, and leave as few loose ends behind as possible.  Organising and paying for the funeral  can save all sorts of family problems.   For some reason funerals seem to be an occasion for families to fall out.   Every family member knows exactly what the deceased would have liked.  Trouble is they all disagree and families often split up over it.  Our recommend Probate service, The Probate Department Ltd, can confirm that.   They can also help you to simplify the transition  of your assets for your family.

Not long to live?  Call us on 03 300 102 301.