Mandela Family Feuds over Funeral

Feuds over Nelson Mandela Funeral

and the funeral feuding starts before he is dead!  Unusual?

Not at all, family feuds over funerals are quite normal, and incredibly fierce in many cases. There is a simple cure of course – make your own funeral plans.   A prepaid funeral plan is ideal to prevent family feuds over funerals.

Here is an extract from the associated press report from Johannesburg:

“As Nelson Mandela remained in critical condition in hospital Friday, a family feud over where the 94-year-old former president should be buried went to the courts, according to South Africa’s national broadcaster.

Mandela’s oldest daughter, Makaziwe, and 15 other family members have pressed a court application to get Mandela’s grandson to return the bodies of three of Mandela’s children to their original graves in the eastern rural village of Qunu, according to the SABC.

The grandson, Mandla Mandela, acknowledges having reburied the three bodies 20 kilometers (13 miles) away in the Mvezo village, where he plans to create a Mandela shrine, hotel and soccer stadium, according to the South African Press Association.

Grandson Mandla Mandela has until Saturday to respond to the court filing, reports said.”

Read the full Mandela Family Funeral Feuds Report here.

It really is unbelievable what grief can do to a family – co-operation and empathy seem to fly out of the window.  The quarrels which start then can break up a family for ever, so it really is worth making your own advance decisions about your funeral – even if you couldn’t care less.  You will of course be dead, so those left behind will all have a different – and quite definite views as to what you would have wished.

A prepaid funeral plan makes like easier for your family both financially and emotionally, so why not download our enquiry form and start considering what to do – it downloads directly, you don’t have to give us your name or phone number, we’re not a sales organisation!

Nelson Mandela Funeral Feud.

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