Maplebrook Funeral Plans Reviewed 2021 What is our Opinion?

Maplebrook Funeral Plans are relatively new and…

First impressions were that their brochure is really good, but their charges for paying by instalments are high.  So they are aiming for people who want to pay one go. I like that the plans are transferable – but that may create some costs if the booked funeral director isn’t local to the (changed) deceased. In common with most providers, interest-free instalments are available over 12 months. Another issue is that the guarantee to pay (only) the funeral directors fees applies just to the ORIGINAL undertaker appointed by Maplebrook funeral plans.  Doctors fees can be paid out of the allowance, provided it is sufficient. I like the fact that if you die overseas and your funeral is overseas, they will send the standard fee towards it – but as ever, always get agreement first.

Maplebrooks Plans range: (May 2020 prices)

The Maplebook Wren Plan at £2,430  ONLY covers the funeral directors fees – no allowance for third party costs  (not a criticism, just a fact – that is what it is designed to do.)

The Robin Plan at £3,580 adds an index allowance of £1,100 towards things like crematorium costs, ministers fees and other third party costs.

The Dove Plan at £3,925 adds a limousine for the family. A rather expensive limo!

The Swan Plan at £4,175 adds a second limousine and a posher coffin.

The Maplebrook Direct Cremation Plan at £1,870

One thing I wasn’t keen on is that you may have to pay more if you move – either to the original undertaker for mileage over 25 miles or if the new funeral director won’t accept the fee agreed by the original undertaker.  That is not unique to Maplebrook, some other providers do the same. This could be a significant problem if a change of address is not sorted out before death as pre-booked prices are significantly lower than at need ones. The same issue could occur on death if the original funeral director is not available.

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