Memories that will last forever

Memories that will last forever after a funeral.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Families can harness modern technology to create a long lasting  tribute for their loved ones. A Giving Tribute,, helps the family to create personalised Tribute Cards, with photos and messages which can be handed out at the funeral.  These can then be taken home by the family, and even consolidated into a ‘book of memories’: a long-lasting and more personal alternative to flowers.

The website creates a place of reference for maps, timings and any other important information, distressed friends and family can avoid difficult and emotionally draining  conversations.

“My Mum sadly passed away and as a family we wanted the perfect funeral.” Said A Giving Tribute customer, Josh. “We didn’t want funeral flowers but we wanted something to be displayed at the funeral and we wanted it to be a celebration of her life… I now keep the Tributes in a special book that I treasure beyond anything else.  When I read the Tributes, sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry, but most of all – I remember!”

The Tribute Cards can be on view in a weatherproof ‘Tribleau’ which can be taken on to the wake afterwards and looked at at leisure and in comfort. The Tribleau, complete with Tribute Cards, is for to take home and keep, with a Commemorative Book also available to hold the cards and celebrate the life of the departed.

“A Giving Tribute is a superb idea. The passing of a loved one, friend or colleague is always a distressing time. I feel Liz’s concept will help people manage their loss in a proactive way.” James Caan, The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy.

For more information on prepaid funeral plans which will at least help the memories that will last for ever be positive, click the link.

Memories that will last forever.