Directory of Natural Burial Grounds in the UK

Natural Burial Grounds Directory.

We thought a directory of natural burial grounds might be of use for those of you looking to arrange an immediate funeral as well of those interested in advance planning through a prepaid funeral plan.  Funeral plans are the best way of shifting the burden away from your family thus relieving them of both the financial burden and the opportunity to fall out over the arrangements.  We are happy to make provision for natural burial sites when setting up prepaid funeral plans.

Natural burial sites

Funeral Plan QuotesBurials in the UK always used to be natural: but increasing populations and urbanisation helped the process of change along.  New methods such as vaults, liners, embalming, and mausoleums that slow the decomposition process. In the late 19th century Sir Francis Seymour Hayden proposed “earth to earth burial” in a pamphlet of the same name, as an alternative to both cremation and the slow putrefaction of encased corpses.

The first woodland burial ground in the UK was in 1993 at Carlisle Cemetery and is called The Woodland Burial.  Greenhaven Woodland Ground in Lilbourne, Nottinghamshire, was the first commercial natural burial ground when it opened in 1994. Over 250 natural burial sites now exist.

Other sites are essentially fields, typically planted with wild flowers and often in spots of natural beauty.

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