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Natural Burial Grounds Directory London & South East

Natural burial grounds are a growth industry (!) Please let us know of any which are missed off our directory.

London Natural Burial Grounds

Woodcock Hill Woodland Cemetery, Rickmansworth.

The Woodland Cemetery opened in 2002 to give residents the option of an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cemeteries and graveyards.  The cemetery is situated at Woodcock Hill, Harefield Road, Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3 1PD.  We want a natural woodland to develop over the years where future generations can walk, or sit and contemplate.  To achieve this there will be no headstones, only biodegradable coffins and caskets may be selected for burial, such as cardboard, wicker, soft woods or shroud.  Instead a fee can be paid into a woodland management fund and in the appropriate season tree and bulb planting sessions are held, in which family and friends are invited.    The cemetery will be managed to produce a healthy indigenous woodland to encourage wild flowers and promote natural habitats. Some areas will be left to form natural meadowland.

South East

Acorn Ridge, Newbury, Berkshire.

Set amid lush green fields and trees, Acorn Ridge provides fully maintained burial and ash plots, with or without memorial trees. An inscribed granite marker is placed to mark the location.

Chesham Bois Woodland Burial Ground, Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

Clandon Wood, Guildford, Surrey.

“Conceived as a Burial Reserve – Designed as a Nature Reserve.  My dream of creating a burial reserve was first conceived while attending the natural burial of my aunt in November 2005 near Worcester. I was just astounded at the beautiful simplicity of the ritual.  A simple but warm service in a non-denominational chapel and then onto, what was then, just a farmer’s field; but is now known as Westall Park.

The creation of a self-sustaining, wildlife environment was the answer to the enduring question: how do we find enough space to accommodate human burials responsibly?”

Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground, Hassocks, West Sussex.

“Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground is situated just north of Brighton and Hove at the foot of the South Downs and within the South Downs National Park.
We have stunning views across the downs to Ditchling Beacon, Jack and Jill Windmills and Wolstonbury Hill.
Full burial, ashes plots and ashes scattering services are available. Our aim is to establish a new native English wood in the heart of the Sussex countryside. Young growing trees lock more carbon and are better able to deal with possible climate change.
There is a fully staffed office on the grounds with waiting room, rest room facilities and large car park.”

Deerton Natural Burial Site, Sittingbourne, Kent.                                       “Deerton, Kent’s designated natural burial ground, is a quiet, beautiful, everlasting resting place bordered by orchards and grazing land with abundant flora and fauna.  Privately owned, it is 2.4 acres, situated between Faversham and Sittingbourne conveniently near the A2 and M2.  The ground is managed on sound ecological lines and will be cared for by a trust, when full, as a nature reserve.   The first burial was in September ’07.  Plots are available as needed but may be reserved and purchased in advance. People of all faiths are welcome and no extra charge is made for non Kent residents.  Coffins must be biodegradable and memorial trees are planted.  A large car park is open on burial days with a smaller one open at all times.  The funeral of a loved one is a very personal event.  It is inevitably sad but it can also be a time to celebrate that life.  A phone call will enable us to do all we can to be of service.”

Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground Crouch House Rd Edenbridge Kent TN8 5LQ
01732 860109

“an enchanting 20-acre green cemetery operated and managed by the Natural Death Centre charity. We offer a serene setting with grounds partially covered by ancient, bluebell woodland. Developed specifically for ‘Natural Burials’, Burials take place in an area adjacent to the woodland amongst younger but well-established oak trees.

Burial plots can be purchased in advance by those wishing to get their affairs in order, or they can be chosen at the time of need. All burials are single depth and family members can purchase adjacent plots.”

Fairspear Natural Burial Ground, Oxfordshire.                                                

Our one acre site set within a seven and a half acre field on the edge of the Cotswolds is situated in a stunning location overlooking rolling countryside.We planted the site with one thousand young trees in 2000.   Wild bulbs and wild flowers are planted each year and the area is maturing into an ideal location for those looking for a peaceful resting place.  D.I.Y. funerals and those organised by funeral directors are both accepted.   Ashes can be interred at the site.   All types of coffin allowed provided that they are biodegradable.   Wooden plaques may be placed on or by the grave to identify the loved one’s final resting place.”

Olney Green Burials, Olney, Buckinghamshire.

“Olney Green Burial is the natural alternative to using a cemetery or churchyard. A peaceful and fitting resting place for those we have loved where trees are planted as memorials instead of headstones creating a living memorial to all who rest here.”

South Downs Natural Burial Site, East Meon, Hampshire.                                  

A tranquil burial site, which offers a private corner of the South Downs National Park where family & friends can enjoy peaceful reflection where the creation of native woodland becomes a lasting tribute to those buried.The burial ground is situated on the south facing slope of the South Downs, 2 miles from Old Winchester Hill & is easily accessible from the A3 and A32.   The land is owned by the charity Earthworks Trust where conifer plantation is being removed to be re-planted with native broad-leaf species.  Spectacular views of the South Downs & South Coast.Graves dug by hand. Service room & catering facilities available on site.”

St Albans Woodland Burial Ground, Keysoe, Bedfordshire.                              

“The Trust provides woodland burial located within 50 miles of the M25 in beautiful countryside at Keysoe in Bedfordshire. Surrounded by 60 acres of trees in community woodland, this is an ideal setting. This is not a commercial cemetery; the woodland is owned by a Charitable Trust. There are no paid staff, the Trust is managed and operated
entirely by people committed to the principles of a natural woodland burial.

The woodland is made available for all and we will go out of our way to assist you to make the arrangements of your choosing. We are enthusiastic about our woodland and we are sure that you will understand why if you are able to visit this beautiful place. We always welcome visitors and can arrange to meet you on site if you would like to discuss anything about the woodland or make reservations.


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