North East Paupers Funerals

North East Paupers Funerals Boom

The number of so called paupers funerals in the North East of England has risen by more than three quarters in Tyneside, costing Local Authorities a great deal of money.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Plan ahead to avoid a paupers funeral: Funeral Plan Quotes

One Councils outlay on paying for Public Health funerals for those without adequate funds had doubled, according to the Chronicle Live. Sunderland, County Durham, Newcastle as well as Tyneside have suffered – alongside most UK Local Authorities, but perhaps worse.

Coupled with the stigma of asking for a cheap funeral where the money just can’t be found, the death of a loved one is a really unpleasant “double whammy.”

Some families could make provision through prepaid funeral plans. They can be paid for over up to 10 years (in advance) and even longer through insurance linked ones (though we don’t generally like them.

The ability for relatively better off members of a family to take out their own funeral plan, but be able to donate it to a needy family member at the time of need is not widely known. That is perhaps because many prepaid funeral plans make an extra charge for such a donation.   But if that flexibility is important to you, our researchers can find a suitable plan.