OMG – Online Funerals

Online Funerals

Online funerals were inevitable in an age of commemorating birthdays, weddings and anniversaries on Facebook – have a search for online funerals and Twitter.

It is no surprise that the deaths of celebrities like Michael Jackson become international Web events.

If you thing about it, it’s a great way for normal folk to support those who have had personal disasters and express our feelings.   No doubt the expertise necessary to scree funeral live will become common over the next few years, until it becomes easy to add such facilities to a prepaid funeral plan.   We haven’t been asked to yet, but I’m sure we will soon.

In the US, thousands of online funerals are streamed live every month: travelling to funerals was once an important family rite, but with a mobile population increasingly disconnected from original hometowns, watching a funeral online can seem better than not going to a funeral at all. Social media, too, have started to change the conventions of what is acceptable.

A virtual presence is better than none at all from far flung families and friends.   Life has move online to a surprising extent, with emails and texts replacing letters and with the Facebook generation probably never having written a letter in their lives.  “Why would you?” they say.

Let’s say that several firemen lose their lives serving others.  What better way to show your support and appreciation for their families than attending an online funeral when you live hundreds of miles away?

We look forward to hearing stories from undertakers who offer such services in the UK, and families who have taken up the facility.  Click the link if you have been involved in an online funeral, and share your story with us.

In the US, up to a third of funerals are streamed online, but one would expect that to be the case where families are often thousands of miles apart.  In the UK, at least that is usually only a few hundred.  But it is not uncommon for friends and relatives to be in the U.S. or Australia, so I think the online funeral has a big future in the UK.

If you would like information on prepaid funerals, please download our guide, and if you would like your funeral online, add that to the prepaid funeral plan enquiry notes.