Paying for Funerals

Paying For Funerals.

Some prepaid funeral plans can be used in paying for funerals for other people.  If a friend or relative dies unexpectedly, or without a funeral plan, with the right plan, you can just donate your plan to them. Click for details of pre paying for funerals.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Here’s a topical extract which shows how a recent tragedy could have been made a little less painful and complicated.  Few families could pay for the unexpected funerals of six children.  According to Gazette Live:

“A community mourning the deaths of five children who died after a fire ripped through their home have set up a charity to help pay for their funerals.

Locals in Allenton, Derby, threw their support behind the campaign to raise funds following the deaths of ten-year-old Jade Philpott and her siblings John, nine, Jack, seven, Jessie, six, and five-year-old Jayden.

The six youngsters perished at the house in Victory Road when a fire engulfed the property as they slept upstairs in their beds in the early hours of Friday.”

Different prepaid funeral plans have different elements of flexibility or penalties built into them.  The ability to transfer a plan to others can be one of the most useful benefits available.

Imagine being able to call up a terrified (of the cost) and grieving widow and just saying “I’ll take care of the cost, don’t worry.”   That has to be sheer magic.  The same can apply for employees, and it’s perfect for families with relatives in care homes which may be some distance away.  A couple of phone calls and the basics of sorting out the funeral can be sorted.   No worrying about payment, chosing an undertaker, deciding on the coffin etc etc.

It is all packaged.  That doesn’t mean you package has to be the same as everyone elses – some prepaid funeral plans can build in pretty much whatever you want.

Fancy a Harley Davidson hearse, or being made into a rocket or a “diamond”?  It can all be done.

Paying for funerals need not be unexpected!