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Which is the Best Funeral Plans just for You, and how do we find them? When you enquire about prepaid plans, you will usually end up talking to a salesperson. In every case, they will offer the best funeral plans on the market! Clearly, they can’t ALL have the best for everyone – no one provider is ideal for everyone, for all types of arrangement. Indeed, it is not unknown for us to recommend different providers plans for husband and wife.

The Prepaid Funeral Review offers truly independent, personally tailored advice on choosing the best funeral plans for your unique circumstances and wishes.

In all cases, we send out a written recommendation for you to consider at your leisure.  We will NOT pressure you into signing up on the spot as some will. In fact, we will never pressure anyone. We are not a call centre, we have experienced and expert staff. You can ring us direct on 0800 0588 240. Leave a message out of hours, but be sure to say you are making a cremation or burial plan enquiry. (A sister company offers other Legal services too.  However, we are not going to appear on your doorstep to talk to you about either prepaid plans or other matters!)

Do ask for details of our Best Price Guarantee and up to £595 bonus package! (available as at the time of writing – may be reviewed at any time.)

Some of the factors we use to find the best funeral plan for you:

  • Your wishes – after we have discussed them so you are aware of the options.
  • Your age is relevant in some circumstances.
  • Whether it suits you to pay in instalments or one go, and how much you can afford.
  • Burial or cremation?
  • Service at church or crematorium or no service.
  • Guarantees offered by suitable plan providers.
  • Dual plan options for couples who can’t stretch to a plan each presently.
  • Your location and the likelihood of your moving to be near relatives as you get older.
  • The relative level of customer service offered by shortlisted companies.
  • The possibility of needing to donate your plan to a relative.
  • Sometimes people want a specific undertaker, which can severely limit the choice of plan (and then the undertaker is then sold!)
  • We keen an eye on the small print and have caused at least one major provider to change theirs as it was unfair.
  • Many more factors are taken into account as every plan and every individual is unique.
  • For no obligation advice, call us on 0800 0588 240, 9am to 9pm.

Or just use the enquiry box below.  We have listed some of the firms we keep under review below, but do bear in mind that many others will simply be Safe Hands, Dignity or Funeral Planning Services or many others with another brand name! Our general guide (link below) is ideal for you if you are just starting to look for the best funeral plans, and it is a great start. Formal recommendations are useful only really when you are ready to go ahead, as prices are changing (upwards) all the time, so may not be valid a month later.

Save money and get the best funeral plans for you:

(If you are just vaguely thinking about prepaid plans but not quite ready to talk to our independent advisers about which would be the best funeral plans for you, but would like to know more, go here.)

Enquiry – no obligation.

The Best Funeral Plans could be…..

Golden Charter, Golden Leaves, Dignity, Funeral Planning Services, Avalon Funeral PlansAge UK Funeral PlansChosen Heritage, Co-operativeGolden LeavesGreen Plans Liberty Funeral PlansPerfect Choice Funeral Plans  Safe Hands Sun Life.  Iberian Plans  Over 50s Plans (insurance) Great Deal Insurance  – I am sure you will find a few more scattered throughout the site, but that is all I could remember offhand! Dual Plans for Couples are pretty popular too, Please do make a funeral plan enquiry above or call us on 0800 0588 240.