Discount Funeral Plans How Much Can I Save

Discount Funeral Plans – yes, it’s true!

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Yes, it is possible to get 40% discount funeral plans.  Though for most of us, it may just be that we can help you get a “discount funeral plan” just by way of better value for money.  After all, a discount on an expensive, poor value plan is no discount at all! But some people can, with our help, get the best of both worlds – a big saving AND the best value plan for your needs,  Choosing the right plan with our help can save hundreds of pounds.  Did we mention our price guarantee?

We can usually discount funeral plans, and we have usually got a bonus on top of that too.   So better value plus a discount plus a bonus – why not call us now on 0800 0588 240?  Admittedly, not everyone can get 40% discount!  So who can get 40% discount funeral plans?

A surprising number of people, actually. All you need is to have assets worth over £325,000 for a single person, £650,000 for a couple.  Or alternatively, have relatives in that position.

Let’s say that your aged parents aren’t too well off.  Like many people over retirement age, they keep a few thousand in a low yielding deposit accounts.  Funeral price inflation is averaging well over 8.5% a year.   To earn that sort of interest much more than 10.5% compound interest.  That is 21 times what most deposit accounts pay.

If well off children use their annual Inheritance Tax Allowance to buy a discount funeral plan for – say – £3,000, the real cost to their estate would be just £1,800.  A real bargain!

Better yet, your parents will have that extra few thousand which they can spend, knowing that their funeral plan has been already paid for.  It will be a relief for them knowing that no one will need to find the cash to pay for the funeral when they die.  They can take care of as much or as little of the arrangements as they wish.

The more they take care of the funeral arrangements in advance, the less there is for those left behind to worry about or argue over.  Funeral arrangements are a major source of family arguments, which is hardly the legacy anyone would wish to leave.

As an added incentive, if you invest in a funeral plan through us, we’ll give you a copy of Inheritance Tax Secrets or my ebook on Asset Protection on request.  One is for the better off and the other for home owners for whom don’t have significant Inheritance Tax problems.

And always remember, we don’t sell the plans of just one company as most do.  We provide a questionnaire to help us make the best funeral plan recommendation we can.  And it doesn’t cost you a penny extra.

Discount funeral plans.