Prices of Funeral Plans Disguised

Prices of Funeral Plans Artificially “Cut.”

Prices of funeral plans should be clear and easy to compare online.  But they are not.

The latest attempt we have seen to pretend funeral plan prices are lower – by a considerable margin – than they are just leaves out the single most expensive cost.

Most funeral plan prices include what are called “disbursements” and they can be very substantial – of the order of £1000 give or take.

Funeral Disbursements are fees that are paid for a client by a Funeral Director to third parties i.e crematorium, newspaper, clergy etc. 

Disbursement costs vary throughout the country with the exception of Cremation Form fees.  Some of the basic disbursements are:- 

  •  Completion of the Certificate of Medical Attendant and the Confirmatory Certificate (Cremation Forms). 
  • Ministers fees at a Crematorium Service.
  • Crematorium Fees.
  • Service of an Independent Celebrant at either a cremation or burial service.
  • Fees for a service in a church vary between churches therefore the cost would be determined at the time of service. 
  • Press announcements are charged at the rate from the relevant newspaper.

Not all funeral plans will cover all of these items, but to leave them out totally is, in our opinion, very sneaky and a way to draw in enquiries on a quite artificial basis.

For a fair comparison of funeral plan prices and benefits, please contact us.

Prices of Funeral Plans Disguised