Princess Diana Funeral

Princes Diana Funeral Changed Funerals Forever.

Elton John singing “Candle in the Wind” at Princess Dianas’ funeral broke the nations heart, but in a very positive way it celebrated the life of Diana, and moved funeral music forward into a new era.

Funerals have become much more personalised, and preplanning of funerals has become far more widespread.   The choice of music has become much broader than in earlier times and very much more tailored to the life of the deceased than to the old fashioned funeral dirge.

And it isn’t just the music which has changed: people are being sent off in coloured coffins, coffins painted by the family or by artists or in special shrouds.  They are being buried in forests instead of traditional graveyards.  Some are being transported in tanks, in motorcycle sidecars, rubbish carts (!!) as well as the old standby of a coach and horses.

Still more have decided they want to spend money on becoming memorial diamonds, going up in a firework display or even embarking on their first space trip.  It truly does take all sorts to plan a real personalised funeral in the 21st century!

A good funeral takes a lot of planning, and if you have to go, you might as well do it in a style which will help those left behind.   Taking away at the very least the financial burden of the funeral is a great start, and here are a few more ideas which could help.  They will all need reviewing from time to time, but making a start is always thoughtful.

  • Who should be in charge?                                                                                                                                            A crucial decision if arguments are to be avoided, and one which needs though.
  • Which Music?
  • Who should be invited, and who should be invited but told they are really not expected to travel long distances.                                                                                                                                                       What are their contact details? Make and keep up to date a list of names, addresses, phone numbers and emails.  Funerals are always organised in a hurry, but folk left out can be hurt for the rest of their lives.
  • Who will pay?                                                                                                                  If you have a prepaid funeral plan, make sure people know about it (we provide laminated certificates for people who buy through us).  Have you provided for the inevitable extras which will creep in?  Entertaining is often a substantial expense, and most funeral plans don’t cover the full cost of everything.  If you have an Over 50’s type insurance plan, it will typically have lost most of its’ buying power through inflation, so the shortfall may be a couple of thousand pounds not a few hundred.
  • Where will your funeral be?                                                                                   This can be another source of argument, so make it easy and tell them what you want – and keep it up to date!
  • Who will speak?                                                                                                          Two aspects here, the person who will officiate at the ceremony – may be a clergyman, maybe one of the new breed of lay officiants.   Someone who actually knew you can avoid cringeworthy incidents, otherwise you may want to leave a few notes on the key moments of your life.  Don’t forget to mention your marriage and the births of your children!!!
  • More suggestions?  Please let us know, we want to make this site as helpful as we possibly can.