QR Coded Gravestones

QR Coded Gravestones Tell A Story

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Funeral Plan Quotes

QR coded gravestones: according to the Funeral Service Times, an undertaker from Poole has become the first in this country to offer a unique new service turning headstones into interactive memorials that introduce visitors to the person who now occupies the grave but who was a really living person with a story to tell.

We’ve all wandered through graveyards wondering who the people buried there were, and what they did.  In a few years time, thanks to QR codes, you may be able to find out.

Scanned with a smartphone, Quick Response (QR) codes on gravestones allow visitors to see a website specially written to give the biography of the occupant.   Some graveyards will be very interesting – imagine if all the graves in Highgate Cemetery were to be retrofitted with these devices!

Biography pages could contain a person’s profile, photographs, videos and a comments section for tributes from visitors.  Or there whole life history, with videos.

Codes allow for visitors to learn more about a person than just their name, date of birth and date of death, while a password allows those who know it to update the website with more comments and memories.  Rather nice, we think!

Managing director of Chester Pearce in Poole, the first funeral directors to offer the service, Stephen Nimmo said: “I thought we could use technology to provide more information about people who have died to bring back the memories.”

QR codes are etched or embedded or glued onto a gravestone.

“People can make their websites as simple or as complicated as they would like and add as much or as little information as they want,” Mr Nimmo continued.

“I am a very traditional funeral director but using this technology is a positive way to help remember people. People often wander around cemeteries and look at gravestones and wonder who that person was. By using the QR codes they can find out.”

QR coded gravestones

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