Safe Hands Update

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

Safe Hands Funeral Plans have announced a leading solicitor, Ian McCombie as their new acting Chief Executive Officer. Ian qualified as a solicitor more than 30 years ago. He has a wealth of experience in commercial law. He is also a double Olympian. His role will be to oversee the activities of both Safe Hands Funeral Plans and the National Federation of Funeral Directors, at least until the NFFD appoint a new M.D.

The key reason for his appointment is to put in place the processes which will enable Safe Hands to increase their market share from its’ current substantial level. Safe Hands intends to be the largest and most widely known funeral plan provider. (We suspect that they have international intentions too, but that could be a rumour!)

We at the Prepaid Funeral Review see this as a good development. Safe Hands have rather shaken up the funeral plan market with their customer centred rather than funeral director centred approach. That has ruffled a few feathers and provoked criticism from established firms. This seems to be a (good) way of showing that Safe Hands are a serious player and are here to stay.

That does not mean that their plans will be the right plan for everyone. All funeral plan providers have their advantages and disadvantages. But new ideas and a more competitive market has to be good for the people we advise on their choice of prepaid funeral plan.

As ever, the advice of the team at the Prepaid Funeral Review remains free, and usually better than free.  We nearly always offer a substantial bonus and sometimes we are able to offer a useful discount which is not available if you go direct to the funeral plan providers