Who can Sell Funeral Plans – we can no longer help

If you are thinking of starting to offer Independent Advice, it is likely that the Financial Conduct Authority rules will prevent such businesses from making a profit, and will confine independent advice to the well off, as they have already done in financial services.  We think their actions are totally against the public interest, but they don’t care.  We are not considering taking on any further members at this time, as it seems more than unlikely that the doctrinaire FCA will come to their senses and start thinking about how best to serve the public

This page WAS for those interested in offering independent advice on funeral plans, or just in referring enquiries to us in the knowledge that we will give good independent advice and a fee share where appropriate.   So financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, careers and other professionals wanting to do their best for their clients can be sure we will help.  We do also offer legal services, so be sure to tell us if you do, and we promise not to tread on your toes. 

In the funeral plan world, one size does NOT fit all!

If you are an individual, looking to build a self employed career, we can help too.   You will need to have a clear criminal record check or be formally regulated.  

Your clients: should they have Funeral Plans?

Many professionals sell funeral plans to their clients, as do charities and affinity organisations.  We don’t believe that any one provider offers best value, so we like to be free to offer best advice to each individual clients, unlike most.  We don’t always make as much money that way, but we do sleep at night. A £25 donation to a sponsoring charity doesn’t make a “charity” funeral plan good value for the person buying it. His or her circumstances will be different from almost every other funeral plan buyer.  One size does NOT fit all!

Should you be advising to sell funeral plans?

We have two opportunities for those keen to be involved in advising on funeral plans.

Funeral Plan Advice for Professional Advisers:

If you are a financial adviser, lawyer, charity, club or other firm helping the public, and you just don’t have the time to do the necessary research to make the right recommendation to each individual client,  we offer a broking service where your client completes our simple enquiry form and we provide the advice.   It is a pretty big job keeping up to date with plans, features and prices, and (as far as we are aware) we are the only specialist firm who does so.   So if your clients want best value, introduce them to us.  We won’t offer them any services competitive to your own.

Sell Funeral Plans Home Visit Advisers.

If you would like to help people in an ethical way, advising, not selling, then we are looking for funeral plan advisers.   You must be a homeowner, pass a CRB check and have full references.  You must not be under financial pressure, but you will have your own reliable transport.   The opportunity will only suit people who are self motivated and used to dealing with others in their homes in a sensitive way. We check that every client is happy with the service, so if you want a career with us, integrity and client service will be your priorities.

Alternatively, we can set up your own agencies where you deal with everything from start to finish.  Clearly, that is, in the short term, a more profitable way for you to advise on funeral plans, but it is likely to restrict client choice to one decent plan which will be a general “best fit”. This way, they’ll probably get a good plan, but maybe they could have had a better one, or  a similar plan for a lot less.  A great deal depends where in the price cycle the various providers are, and the clients precise wishes and circumstances as to which funeral plan is most suitable on a given day.  With our service, every member gets a plan tailored to their needs and that takes a lot of time and research. We at the Prepaid Funeral Review take great pride in keeping up to date with developments in funeral plans and offering best advice to our clients, and we believe that the investment involved will prevent others from offering comparable services.  It is not as if advising prepaid funeral plans is going to make anyone a fortune (sadly!)

We look forward to hearing from anyone interested in advising on funeral plans to clients.   Hopefully, you believe as we do that the 98% of the population who are not owners of a prepaid funeral plan should be “converted.” They then become referral sources for our ongoing efforts to make the passing of a loved one as painless and uncomplicated as possible.  If you are an individual who just wishes to buy a funeral plan, click the link. 

Sell Funeral Plans  

Sell Funeral Plans – the details.