Charity Fund Raising Ideas

Charity Fund Raising have you thought of Funeral Plans?

Whether you are a small charity or large one, if you have a good level of support from the over 60’s, we can help you grow your income, so why not speak to our managing director, Stephen Pett, on 01323 740844?   You will also discover that we can put a lot more into the mix in fund raising terms.

With us, you don’t need to follow the example of Age UK and take on a one-size fits all plan.  One size does NOT fit all, everyone’s needs and place are different.

At the Prepaid Funeral Plan Review, we spend a great deal of time keeping our research up to date, for the benefit of our clients. Chances are that most of your members will get a better deal with our advice rather than being sold a charity funeral plan which suits an average person.

In our world, everyone is an individual. They have different wishes, they may want to spend a little or a lot.  They might be able to afford only one plan between them.   They might want a Green funeral or a woodland burial.  All of these are available, and many, many more options. But not from one funeral plan.

There is also the matter of cost.  Funeral plan costs are rising rapidly, and the various providers put their prices up at different times.  So the best buy tables change every couple of months.  Then they add or take away features and launch revised specifications.  With us, that isn’t a problem, as we’re not tied to a single plan – or indeed, any plan.