Funeral Plans Read the Small Print

BEWARE of the Small Print in Funeral Plans.

Funeral plan small print
Read the small print!

The Small Print in funeral plans can be baffling. The Prepaid Funeral Review exists, to give INDEPENDENT advice on prepaid funerals (sometimes called Funeral Bonds) so you can make the best use of your savings, and not fall for a sales pitch from a  company rep.  The company sales rep probably really does think their plan is the bees knees – but we may well know better, as we are Independent. And we SAVE you money on funeral plans, we don’t cost extra. If you want to spend more and go direct, please do read the small print. The two worst problems are:

  1. Funeral Plans” – which do not include the funeral (yes, it is true – if you don’t want our better than free advice, read the small print and adverts very very carefully – even we have trouble understanding some of them, but we get there in the end!)
  2. Funeral Plans” which are life insurance policies paying a fixed amount, whilst funeral costs continue to go through the roof.  Part 2 is that many insurance funeral plans NEVER have a real value, and a couple of missed payments a few months before you die could mean that everything you have paid in is lost – every penny.
Funeral Plan Quotes
        Funeral Plan Quotes

“Can you help plan my funeral?” is something we are often asked and we can certainly help it to be a less financial painful and perhaps argumentative occasion than it might be without a funeral payment plan in place.  The peace of mind isn’t just for you, it gives those left certainty (and less to fall out over) and you can say “I have planned my funeral, so you don’t need to worry – and it is paid for.”

On another tack, I have just had an interesting chat with our researcher, about the state of the Funeral Plan market (and the value of our free advice) and she says the gap in cost between broadly equivalent plans from different providers is getting wider and wider. But the plans are not always as similar as they seem.  So why not contact us today?  0800 0588 240.

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