Society of Will Writers Funeral Plan

UPDATE late 2018: The Society of Will Writers Funeral Plan has now changed, click here for details. The plan has its own review, and the Societies version is the same plan.

The Society is delighted to announce the launch of our brand new pre-paid funeral plan.  The Society of Will Writers Trusted Funeral Plan is provided by the Alternative Planning Company Limited in association with Funeral Partners, who are the third largest group of funeral directors in the UK.  THIS IS NOW HISTORIC.

Stephen Pett, of the Prepaid Funeral Review said “Competition is certainly hotting up in the funeral plan market. Both choice and competition will give consumers the opportunity to get better value – as long as they take the right advice.  We will be reviewing the plan as soon as we obtain fuller details” Back to the Press Release:

Unlike many trust based plans, the Plans are secured by whole of life assurance policies provided by a major life assurance company authorised by the PRA and regulated by the FCA.

The Society of Will Writers, the largest organisation representing professional Will Writers, felt that the time was right to address some of the issues that are found in the market place today when it comes to pre-paid funeral plans.

By purchasing The Society of Will Writers Trusted Funeral Plan your client will have secured the services of the funeral director at today’s prices regardless of the cost at the time of death.  It is a simple way to arrange a funeral whilst protecting loved ones from rising costs and uncertainty about final wishes. Included in the plan there is also a generous contribution towards disbursements, these costs are beyond the control of the funeral director and so cannot be guaranteed.

Consumers are recognising the importance of forward planning, and what better way to ensure financial security for your loved ones and a real opportunity to be remembered than a pre-paid funeral plan.

With the Society’s home being in the beautiful cathedral city of Lincoln we have chosen to name our plans after three iconic cathedrals, the Canterbury, which is the ‘entry’ plan, the Lincoln which is the mid-range and the most popular of our plans and the Salisbury which is our premium plan.