Special Funeral Plan Discounts for Services and Many Other Groups: Cashbacks.

Independent advice, discounts on funeral plans PLUS special funeral plan discounts which are available to retired and active NHS, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, Army, Navy and Air Force, Civil Service, Local Government as well as many others including member organisations. Because we advise on pretty much every plan in the market, we are able to search out special discounts on prepaid funeral plans which may apply to you. Discounts can be £200 (or even more) on top of our special bonus package which is worth up to £595.

What we did notice in our research was substantial “cashbacks” being offered on insurance policies which are not in any way the same thing as a proper prepaid funeral plan. Please be aware that the biggest discount or lowest price doesn’t mean the best value – which is what we aim for.

Please do get in touch about funeral plan discounts using the enquiry form and just add details of your employer or former employer in the Notes section. You will need to produce proof.

Funeral Plan Discounts as a Staff Benefit.

If you work for the Human Resources Department of a major employer, please do get in touch as it is a simple benefit to add on to your Staff Benefits Package at no cost. Some firms even “stock” funeral plans to give to families when an employee dies in service.

Funeral Plan discounts and cashback savings

We think about 60% of the population are eligible for a discount – and most people in England and Wales is for our Special Bonus worth as much as £595.

Very often folk are looking for discounts on funeral plans just to see if it is possible for them to take one out. As well as searching for (and offering) discounts, we are also up to date on alternatives:

  1. Interest Free Instalments.
  2. Direct Cremation Plans.
  3. Plans which pay for the undertaker, but leave about one third to be found at the time (if you can’t afford to top them up before you depart.)
  4. Long term instalments – up to 30 years if you are young enough.
  5. Standard funeral plans which take care of the basics without adding trimmings like limousines for the family etc.

Of course, we can also source discounts on top of the range funeral plans too!

Funeral Plan Cashbacks

Funeral plan cashbacks are offered by a number of organisations but you don’t necesarily get independent advice as part of the funeral plan cashback process, so you may well end up worse off. Potentially you also have a liability if payments are not maintained, which is something we try to avoid.

Coop Funeral Plans offer discounts to members, but there are ways of getting even lower costs in some cases.

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