Star Ratings for Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans are not all the same5* = the right plan for you? At the Prepaid Funeral Review, we don’t think star ratings are anywhere near enough to even help to decide which plan best fits your personal situation. Even 5* plans have weakness in some areas. We don’t think there is any substitute for free and independent advice – why make your choice without expert help when you don’t have too?

Some things Star Ratings may not take into account are:

  • Where you live – remote areas, or areas where access by ferry needed, areas with few funeral directors.
  • Maybe you don’t want a standard plan, or there might be a need to make changes at the point of use. Some providers are flexible, some charge extortionately for minor changes.  Some won’t change at all.
  • One really important bit of flexibility is to use the plan for someone else’s funeral – a friend or relative has died and no one has the cash (rather than credit card) to pay thousands of pounds for an unexpected funeral. It might be nice to have that option rather than being told you can cash you plan for several hundred pounds less than you paid in 10 years before, and maybe have enough for half a funeral.  Some plans are designed ONLY to pay for your funeral.
  • How good and flexible the instalment terms – are they reasonable? Would a longer term than most people offer enable you to afford a proper prepaid plan rather than a poor value non-profit whole of life plan?
  • For those buying in instalments. What happens if you die before payments have been completed?  In most cases, your family would need to pay the full balance before the funeral could take.

We are not saying for one minute that 5 Star rated prepaid funeral plans are bad.  We’re just saying that star ratings are general, and your needs and wishes are individual.  We can take them into account before we make a recommendation.  And it won’t cost you extra – often less.