Sun Life Defend Over 50s Plan

 Sun Life Defend Over 50s Plan

At Sun Life Direct we pride ourselves on putting our customers first.  So we want to share with you our thoughts on some recent television publicity about Over 50s life insurance, and maybe set the record straight.

We know that peace of mind is important to our customers.  With an estimated 100,000 people* in the UK finding it hard to pay for a funeral, plans like our Guaranteed Over 50 Plan can be an affordable way for many people to help towards these costs.

Our Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is a life assurance plan, not a savings plan, so the key thing it gives our customers is certainty that a fixed cash sum will be available when it’s needed.

The majority of our customers pay in less than is paid out when they pass away, and we work hard to ensure people know what they are buying.  We have consistently high research scores for understanding and customer service.  Our claimant research also shows very high levels of satisfaction among our customers’ loved ones.

If you’ve got any questions about recent television coverage of the life insurance industry we’d be delighted to hear from you by phone, email, or in writing.

Thank you.

Sun Life Direct

Prepaid Funeral Review comments: “Over 50s plans have their place, but it is far more limited than their sellers would have you believe.  If you have an Over 50s plan, you should keep it but add a proper prepaid funeral plan.  The Over 50s plan will then provide cash to help with non funeral expenses such as probate.”

 Sun Life Defend Over 50s Plan.

*Total Cost of Dying Report 2011 (Sun Life Direct.)