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Can I Buy A Funeral Plan For

Can I buy a funeral plan for my parents?

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Yes indeed, you can buy a funeral plan for your parents.   Clearly, you should ensure that the right people know that the funeral plan has been arranged.  In particular should the parents be in any form of residential care, it is crucial that the carers are fully aware of the procedure or they could accidentally cause problems by calling the wrong firm.


Can I buy a funeral plan for my staff?

Once again, you certainly can.   Some firms keep a funeral plan or two “in stock” so they can immediately step in and gift the plan if an employee or their spouse or child dies.  The gesture is seen as incredibly positive by other staff members.  But is is not overly expensive as in most cases people will have retired before they expire.  We can also arrange special terms for employers to offer as a Staff Benefit if they wish.

Can I buy a funeral plan for a disabled friend or relative?

Once again, for those with the spare cash to do so, or a sudden windfall, it is a way of allowing for a dignified departure for those whose finances might otherwise condemn them to a paupers funeral.

Can I buy a funeral plan for the whole family?

Slightly trickier this one.  If you can afford to buy a funeral plan yourself, it is possible with some providers to donate that to another family member (or indeed a friend) when they die. You would then have to buy a replacement, probably paying far more for it though! You can of course, buy funeral plans for every family member if you can afford it!  But more usually it is about clubbing together to pay in advance for the inevitable – but not being sure who will actually use the plan.

If the family need to work together to afford a funeral plan, it can be funded from a bank account into which as many family members as possible contribute.  The funds would buy one plan to start with, then continue to buy further plans as each plan is fully paid off.  We can supply a formal agreement as to contributions and who should benefit to avoid disputes when someone does die.   Clearly, a single plan can only be used once.

Who can I buy a funeral plan for?

Who can I buy a funeral plan for?