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Family Funeral Plan

What is The Family Funeral Plan?

To be fair, you won’t find it anywhere else as far as we know.

It came about because we came across so many families which could only afford one funeral plan between a couple.  Sometimes, it was the children wanting to buy a funeral plan for a parent who thought funeral plans were nonsense – they hadn’t read any of the many  press reports on the dramatically rising cost of funerals.  So we made some special arrangements, which you can benefit from, if you ask.

Family young and oldSo no matter how many people are in the family, one of them is going to die first.  But you can never be sure who it will be. Life is a lottery and the prize is a big bill for those left behind to pick up – unless at least one family member has The Family Funeral Plan.

That person can then pass over the plan for the immediate use of the deceased, thus solving the immediate problem to everyone’s benefit.  In an ideal world of course, a second Family Funeral Plan can be added as soon as it can be afforded.   They way funeral price inflation is going, the sooner the extra plans are added, the less they will cost.  If more than one person can chip in then the family could soon get well prepared.

The plan can be bought in installments if necessary.  Beware of imitations though – some funeral plans which seem similar, but actually have hefty extra charges hidden in the small print.  Hundreds of pounds extra in most cases, extra money for your family to find at the worst of times.

“Can I buy the family funeral plan for my parents?”   YES!
“Can I buy a funeral plan for a friend who is hard up?”  YES!
“Can we buy one plan between us with the first to die able to use it?”  YES!

“I have been diagnosed with cancer and may die.  If I don’t can I use the plan, can it be used by another family member?” YES – as long as you have asked for The Family Funeral Plan.

Why not get started today?  Remember to ask for The Family Funeral Plan specially if you think that aspect is important.