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Live Longer in a Retirement Village

Does living in a retirement village extend life expectancy?

This report by the International Longevity Centre – UK and Cass Business School investigates the possible benefits of retirement village life on how long you are likely to live, as well as the quality of life.

Their report shows that female residents can last close to five years longer.  We find that really interesting.  But what about the chaps?

Strangely, Whiteley’s longevity advantage has changed through time. Much of the change reached its highest level of 4.9 years in the 1960 cohort based on the median age to death for a woman entering the Village aged 67 when compared with a woman of the same age in England & Wales. But our reading is that the advantage has narrowed as people have lived longer.

As far as the men were concerned, there did not seem to be so much difference, but perhaps the usual harder life of the so called working class residents was counterbalanced to an extent.

The summary seems to be that retirement villages do have a role to play in improving life expectancy, most especially amongst “the workers.”

We think they offer even more potential benefits in terms of improved quality of life. In my view, the longer you can avoid the need to be in a Care Home, the better. Why not read the report yourself? It is HERE and opens as a PDF in a new window.