Tank Hearse for that Military Farewell

A Tank Hearse

A tank hearse?  Who would expect that!  As Steve at the Prepaid Funeral Review says “For many people it would be an oddity, but for some ex-military types it could be a fitting mark of respect.   From the funeral plan point of view, it would be impossible to guarantee availability of such a specialist hearse, but it is straightforward to build in an allowance for the hire fee – or indeed any other unusual request.”

Clearly the chap behind this scheme is something of a Tank Nut, and you can contact him at Tanks-Alot, Spring Farm, Helmdon, Northants, NN13 5QD, United Kingdom
Phone: 01295 768400 Mobile: 07860 455636

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

As part of our normal prepaid funeral plan advisory service, complete our standard prepaid funeral plan enquiry form but Tank Hearse man Nick Mead can provide you with costings for transporting the tank hearse to your area.  It won’t be cheap, but it will most certainly be memorable.  And we’ll be happy to incorporate a contribution towards the cost your tank hearse in your prepaid funeral plan – it makes life more interesting!

Last time we heard, the cost of hiring the Tank hearse was £1,500 plus haulage, so clearly the further you are away, the greater the cost.  Whatever your wishes, we can add in a sum of money to a prepaid funeral plan to cover the current cost and allow for standard inflation in future.  But we can’t guarantee availability!

But maybe the tank hearse isn’t unique?

If you know of another, or any equally unusual hearse, please do contact us.  More and more people are looking to add a little fun to the traditionally sombre funeral – but we really do suggest you don’t try the tactic employed in the video underneath the tank one.

We’re not sure if this is the same tank or not:


Do not try this at a funeral