Terms of Business for Advice

Website terms of business are here.

The Company only does business under these terms and conditions and your dealing with us constitutes acceptance.

  1. The Prepaid Funeral Review is a trading name of The Funeral Plan Advice Service Ltd of 5 Malcolm Gardens Polegate BN26 6PN registration 9484906 the “Company”.
  2. 2. The Funeral Plan Advice Service Ltd retains your data for the purposes of any future work undertaken by them or enquires as to whether you have a plan on your death. If you would like it deleted, please let us know.

Material Interests and Conflicts

  1. The company acts as a broker and as such is remunerated by way of commission.


  1. If you should have any complaint about the services you receive from the Company, you should write to Stephen Pett at the Company’s address 2 Hankham St, Hankham, Pevensey, BN24 5BG.

Records and Communications

  1. The Company prefers that clients complete paper applications and send them and any payments directly to the funeral plan provider, but will, on request, assist clients with completing online forms.
  2. The Company shall keep records of all business transactions for at least a period of six years from the date of such transaction. The Company treats all Clients’ records as confidential and, therefore, reserves the right not to give you copies of your records if to do otherwise would be to allow access to files containing information about other Clients.

Financial Standing of Companies

  1. Funeral plan companies funds are always regulated in some way, and the company relies on those safeguards to ensure the financial soundness of any Trust fund or insurance company. The may include regulation by the Prudential Conduct Authority, Financial Conduct Authority, checks by accountants and by actuaries.

Client Money

  1. The company will under no circumstances hold client money, all cheques or other payments must be made to the funeral plan provider

This Agreement

  1. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us in relation to the matters referred to herein and is to be considered as accepted in its entirety even if not returned signed if no objections are raised to it within 14 days.  


  1. The Company provides is based in England and only accepts that jurisdiction in legal matters.