“Going Underground’ buries the opposition as top music for funerals

Top Music For Funerals: research from Sun Life Direct reveals that for men, the top music for funerals is the comical “Going Underground” as the song to play at their funeral, Ladies chose (from the film Dirty Dancing) “I’ve had the time of my life”.

Music for funerals.

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The days of traditional hymns are being replaced with lighter pop songs, as an upbeat celebration of life.  Womens’ top music for funerals is the chick-flick favourite of ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ while men go for the comical factor and opt for The Jam’s ‘Going Underground’ with the aim to make their loved ones smile.

Top music for funerals

1.Going Underground – The Jam1.I’ve had the time of my life – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
2.Football club anthems2.Angels – Robbie Williams
3.Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen3.Fields of Gold – Eva Cassidy
4.The Show Must Go On – Queen4.Over the Rainbow – Judy Garland
5.You’ll Never Walk Alone – from the musical Carousel5.Going Underground – The Jam
6.My Way – Frank Sinatra6.Time to say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli
7.I’ve had the time of my life – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes7.Wind Beneath my Wings – Bette Midler
8Lean on me – Bill Withers8.The Show Must Go On – Queen
9.Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum9.I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston
10.Angels – Robbie Williams10.Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum

‘Going Underground’ takes the overall top spot with over a third of people (37%) wanting their farewell song to raise a grin from family and friends, while a further 12% want the song to be a talking point of the future, something to help their loved ones to remember them fondly.

The desire to raise a wry smile at our passing also appears in our top choices of people to read our eulogy, with three out of the top five being comedians. If we could choose someone famous, ‘QI’ presenter Stephen Fry would be the man of choice with almost a quarter (21%) opting for a witty farewell, closely followed by an ‘Aufwiedersehen Pet’ style goodbye from ‘X Factor’ judge Cheryl Cole (11%) or a cheeky cheerio from funny man Russell Brand (9%).

Celebrity of choice for eulogies

  1. Stephen Fry
  2. Cheryl Cole
  3. Russell Brand
  4. David Beckham
  5. Alan Carr
  6. Smithy (James Cordon)
  7. David Mitchell
  8. Sean Connery
  9. The Queen
  10. The Prime Minister

Mark Howes, managing director, Sun Life Direct said: “Our research confirms that funerals really are a celebration of a person’s life.  Being able to make our own choices and express ourselves to those we love when we say goodbye is clearly important. With such different sentiments identified between men and women, it is essential to talk to our loved ones so we are sure they receive the truly personal send off they want.”

Some more music for funerals.

Top Music for Funerals

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