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Trike Funerals for Bikers and others..

Trike Funerals UK`s wish is to make your loved one’s final ride an experience that will be cherished and remembered by family and friends, long after they have reached the end of their earthly journey. An ideal funeral should show who the deceased person was in life, and celebrate that. (And we at the Prepaid Funeral Review would entirely agree.)

Motorcycling has become a major hobby for the baby boom generation and Trike Funerals have just the way to ensure that their last journey carried out in just the style they would have chosen themselves.  That said, it isn’t just hardened motorcyclist who would appreciate an unusual send off full of character.   Trike Funerals are not so keen on bland standard funerals, and the prevailing public opinion is very much that funerals should be occasions of joyful remembrance, not just sombre sorrow.  What better way to stand out from the crowd and be original?

Trike Funerals can give the deceased a final ride ride down their favourite, naturally within the speed limits!! Perhaps a drive past their favourite pub. Trike Funerals will work with you and your Funeral Director, most things are possible!

Family members can also be offered a ride on the back of the Trike if that is appropriate.

The Motorcycle Trike Hearse is more than 21 feet long and 5 feet 4 inches wide  point.   It will be noticed and you will hear it before you can see it (strictly withing legal limits, naturally!)

Trike Funerals Trike

Trike Funerals Trike

The Motortrike is a based on a Suzuki 1400cc Intruder S83 which has been professionally converted to a high specification and great looking Trike. The hearse towed behind the trike was also coach built to complement the Trike and is finished in matching diamond black.   It has a chrome deck and, just like a traditional hearse, the coffin and floral tributes can be seen from all sides.  They will, however, be noticed a great deal more than normal, that we can promise you!

Trike Funerals service is available privately or through your preferred funeral home.  If you are in immediate need of a funeral, rather than looking for information on Prepaid Funeral Plans, then try this link to find a local Independent Funeral Director – they are rare and precious!

To contact Trike Funerals click the link.

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