Under 50s Funeral Plans – Which Is Best

Under 50 Funeral Plans Reviewed – don’t give up – call us on CLOSED.

I am under 50. How old do I have to be to take out a funeral plan?” That is a question we are often asked. Under 50 funeral plans for some reason are not offered by many providers.  In our view, the earlier you can buy one the better, so that is rather a shame.   Lots of younger people under 50 would like to get this important aspect if life sorted, while they can afford it.   But the good news is that anyone over 18 (with the money) can get a prepaid funeral plan through us, thanks to the efforts of our research team.

Prepaid under 50 funeral plans
Prepaid under 50 plans

Even younger people could really do with a prepaid funeral plan to spare at least some of the problems surrounding a death.  We’re all going to die sometime.  And the earlier you set up your prepaid under 50s plan, the lower the cost will be.  It is at least something to consider, if you have a little spare cash.  Finding it may be more difficult later on.

Sadly, many people know they are going to die early and at least a prepaid funeral can ease the burden on those left behind.  And if we are still offering the special Legal Planning vouchers, that could be another job done.

Under 50s Funeral Plans are available…but Independent Advice is essential.

Our extensive research has tracked down several providers who do offer good funeral plans. Even if you are younger than 50. In fact we can organise prepaid funeral plans for anyone over 18. But bear in mind that there may be restriction which may not be obvious unless you understand the prepaid funeral plan market in detail. We re on CLOSED.

Under 50s Funeral Plans: too young for funeral plan?

But it is rather harder work for us, so please don’t contact us unless you really do want to do something!  Under 50s funeral plans are researched individually, and it is one of those rare occasions where bad health is a good thing!  Costs are not always the same as for folk over 50.

In most cases we will have two sets of negotiations to go through on your behalf – firstly with the various plan providers, and then with various undertakers, so it can take a little longer than normal.   But we believe in what we do, so we don’t mind putting in the extra effort: we know how much it means to those left behind, and the peace of mind it gives you.

Why Under 50 Funeral Plans?

There are many reasons to invest in a prepaid funeral plan when you are under 50 (or 40, or 30 – as long as you are over 18).

  • A windfall or inheritance might mean you can get your legal planning and your funeral plan in place, whilst you actually have the cash for once!
  • You might have health issues, and wish to organise things whilst you are still well enough to do so.
  • While you are earning, you might want to spread the rest over a period of up to ten years in monthly instalments are not so easily affordable on a pension.

Even more savings – if funeral inflation keeps running at 7% then a funeral plan could easily save you as much as £112,000 over 50 years! The younger you are when you take out a prepaid funeral plan, the more you will save.  As long as you get the right plan.

Funeral Plans for the Unhealthy and young – even easier.

With older people, health is pretty much irrelevant, but for under 50 funeral plans the worse your health, the easier to it is to place prepaid funeral plans.   But don’t give up if you are healthy click the click and contact us anyway – our enquiry form is to the right.  Or give us a ring on CLOSED .  But using the enquiry form is easier than leaving a message if it is outside office hours.