Alternative views of death

Interesting alternative views of death.

Societies views of death have changed radically since the industrial revolution, perhaps far more extremely in the United States than in the UK.

In the US one is led to believe that the death of a normal individual is celebrated with financial and memorial investments reserved for the rich and famous in the UK.   Everyone to his own, of course!

This article on alternative views of death in the Independent is interesting, though I’m not too sure that home burials will catch on in UK suburbia – not everyone wants to buy a house where the former resident is buried in the back yard!  I suspect that some back yards in the United States are rather larger and a little burial plot will only be noticed by those who wish to remember.   Even so, not by sort of thing – imagine wishing to go to see your husbands grave when your house has been sold.  Upsetting.

Funeral Plan QuotesAnyway, I digress.  From the Independents article, I visited The Order of the Good Deaths’ website.  It won’t be everyone’s idea of fun, but anything which gets people talking about and planning for death has to be a good thing.   Death has become rather a taboo subject, and it is one that no one can avoid.   So if you can’t avoid something, you might as well prepare for it so when it does occur it isn’t such a financial or emotional shock.  Our site obviously majors more on the financial side, but we cannot overstress the importance of preparing those involved for death, and making the views of the soon to be deceased known so as (hopefully) to avoid the almost inevitable clash of views as to how things should be organised.  But those on the way out need to be sensitive to the feelings of those left behind – and perhaps have a view to creating a consensus.