Welsh Funeral Plans Are Not So Straightforward

Welsh Funeral Plans: concerns raised.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Choosing Welsh funeral plans is complicated by that fact that much of Wales is rural, and there may not be too many undertakers within say a 25 mile radius.  At the prepaid funeral review, we aim to keep an eye on the funeral plans available in Wales and the rest of the UK, and the situation for the Welsh wishing to save via a prepaid funeral plan is not at all straightforward – especially if they move in later life. And many funeral directors are bought, sold or close down every year, so the funeral director trading today as Angharad Jones and Co may have been sold 6 times since it was founded!

Why is it a problem in Wales?  Simply because some of the prepaid plan providers selling in Wales do not actually have enough Welsh funeral directors.  So  investing in the wrong Welsh prepaid funeral plan could result in the actual cremation might have to be held many miles away, in a crematorium owned by the prepaid funeral plan provider rather than a more local one, to everyone’s inconvenience.

Just imagine if the Chapel of Rest for the specific funeral planning organisation is many miles away.  An hour each way (or more) to visit the deceased could be immensely problematic, and it is likely that the time taken to collect the deceased would be substantially longer.

Many Welsh folk may already have taken up the offer of a free Marks and Spencer voucher, a Parker ballpoint pen or a carriage clock and take out “funeral plan insurance.”   Most insurance companies have realised that that name is more than a trifle misleading.   These plans pay out a fixed benefit which inevitably falls further behind the current cost of a funeral. With funeral inflation at almost 3 times normal consumer inflation the “funeral insurance” will probably pay less than 50% of the current cost of a Welsh funeral after just five or six years, and the gap will rapidly widen after that.   We are really not fans of that type of funeral insurance.

So buying a prepaid funeral plan in Wales is more complicated than in most parts of England.   Please take advantage of our research  (which is regularly updated.) As the UK’s leading independent funeral plan broker, we can help you to invest in a prepaid Welsh funeral plan tailored both to your needs and your location.

We help Welsh folk organise a prepaid plan tailored to their requirements, rather than buying a plan which is in reality tailored to the available resources of the prepaid funeral plan provider rather than your requirements.

In Wales – the choice is yours – take a chance or contact The Prepaid Funeral Review.

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