Which Funeral Plan is Best For You

Which Funeral Plan is best for you?

Which funeral plan is best choice for you is a far more complex decision than you might think. All funeral plans are very far from being the same. The Prepaid Funeral Review offers genuinely independent advice on choosing which funeral plan is right for your personal situation, wishes and location.  Yes, location is really important – even more so if you may decide to move in the future. Who wants a funeral 200 miles away from where you now live?

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Which Funeral Plan is Best – for YOU?

Which funeral plan is best for you won’t necessarily be the same one that suits your neighbour.  But most funeral plan agents just offer the products of just one of the many funeral plan providers. So they ARE almost certain to tell you and your neighbour that you need the same plan. Though it may be a slightly cheaper or more expensive version of the same funeral plan. The Prepaid Funeral Review is truly independent and researches the Funeral Plan market to find a funeral plan which is as near to your precise requirements as it is possible to get.

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral plans are really very different from each other.  However, it is only by tracking the prepaid plan market and analysing the competing offers in detail along with the pedigree of the company that we are able to make sound recommendations. Some of the bigger names are really only target driven sales machines, trying to get you to buy a myriad of products from Trusts to Probate Services and Wills.  We do offer vouchers for this sort of thing to clients.  But there will never be any hard sell or pressure selling when someone dies. The behaviour of one company in particular is – to say the least – questionable.

Each funeral plan has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.  If you approach a funeral plan provided direct, no matter which one it is, they are not going to say “Sorry, our plan is not the best one for you.” NO funeral plan is perfect, but however unusual your requirements, we can usually find out which funeral plan can best be tailored to your circumstances.

The Prepaid Funeral Review spends hours reviewing the funeral plan market. Changes occur all the time, and (sadly) prices always seem to be going up at an alarming rate, so deciding which funeral plan would work best for you is a little job best deal with sooner rather than later.

Two ways to decide which funeral plan is best for you:

1) Put aside a couple of weeks to spend 2 or 3 hours a day with the various direct sales forces, then make your decision (if one of them doesn’t twist your arm subtly beforehand because you just can’t face seeing yet another funeral plan salesman!)  Every one of them will be certain that their funeral plan is best for you.

Alternatively you may prefer to:
2) Spend 10 or 15 minutes filling in our simple enquiry form in peace and quiet.
When you are ready, send it back to us. We’ll have a brief phone conversation with you to make sure we have fully understood your wishes, then we will fill in the paperwork for you and send it to you to sign and return with a cheque or direct debit direct to the provider (if you prefer.) We don’t handle client money; it goes direct to the funeral plan companies Trust Bank Account. Independent Advice is crucial in this complex area.

But I hear you say, how much is it going to cost me for your help in deciding Which funeral plan is best for you to invest in?

We chargevery round sum for our services. Nothing at all. Nil. Nada. Zero. If that sounds too good to be true, it almost is!  All we ask is that, if you decide to accept our recommendation as to which funeral plan to transfer a part of your savings into, that you buy it through us. That way, we earn a commission on most sales, which enables us to pay the staff to do the research so YOU can avoid the traps. If you can’t promise that, please don’t use us!

For folk who are after a very personalised funeral plan, which will cause us a great deal of extra work, we do ask for a small deposit which will be credited when you go ahead and purchase the relevant prepaid funeral plan. We hope you will think that is fair.

Ready to find our which funeral plan is best for you?