Which Funeral Plan is Best? Find out…

Which Funeral Plan is right for YOU?     Find out.

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

Many people chose which funeral plan (they are sometimes called funeral bonds) is best for them pretty much at random.  Maybe the first salesman, or that nice carriage clock or the genuine free Parker pen!!  The prepaid funeral plan market is actually very complicated – even if it appears all prepaid burial or cremation plans are the same, they most certainly are not!  So why not take professional advice – it is free.

We will give you a short cut to sorting through this easily, but here are some of the issues which may concern you before you decide which funeral plan is the right one:

  1. How secure is the pre-paid funeral plan provider?
  2. What happens if the funeral director goes out of business?
  3. Is the provider properly regulated?
  4. Can I buy one plan for the first to die of a couple?
  5. Can I buy a plan for a friend or relative?
  6. What happens if I die abroad, or far from home?
  7. What is the cancellation fee?
  8. Can I be sure the plan will be found when I die, and not be wasted?
  9. I want to be buried – how does this affect investing in a prepaid funeral plan?
  10. What happens if I move abroad permanently?
  11. I have a holiday home abroad – can this be taken into account?
  12. As costs vary (upwards) all the time, which prepaid funeral plan is the right one for me NOW?  Next month, some will have gone up in price.
  13. I am on benefits, will buying a prepaid funeral plan benefit me?
  14. I want to specify my full funeral arrangements – can I do this?
  15. Can I prepay for extras such as extra hearses, a wake, etc etc?
  16. If there is an unexpected death in the family, can I donate my funeral plan?

As you can see, choosing which funeral plan is most suitable for you is not that easy.  You can, of course, do your own research to see which funeral plan you want.  But you may miss a vital point, so why not at least give us a call on 01323 740844 or use our Funeral Plan enquiry form – there is no obligation.  Remember, our services cost you nothing, all we ask is that you buy through us if you decide to go ahead, and hopefully you will take advantage of our wider range of services in time.

Incidentally, most of the other funeral plans you come across will be life insurance ones (we don’t generally like those) or badged versions of other funeral plans.  But do let us know, we don’t want to exclude any plans from our which funeral plan reviews.

Which Funeral Plan is the best for YOU?


which funeral plan?
Which funeral plan? OR Funeral Bond.