Why Funeral Plans Are More Important Than Most Might Think

Why Funeral Plans should be considered by everyone.

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

Why funeral plans – this one really says enough.  “An OFT investigation into funerals 2001 found that a staggering 28% of people had no idea of costs until after the funeral had taken place.” Here is one persons view:

1)  What a relief – with funeral plans, everything was already organised!

Why funeral plans: “If you haven’t had to organise a funeral then you will not understand what a relief it is to have had decisions about things like type of coffin made for you by the person who has died. That is without the problem of actually finding the money to pay for the funeral.  That why funeral plans are so important.”

2) Funeral Plans Cut Out Extra Pain.

“My mother was killed in an accident coming back from visiting my father in hospital; he died two weeks later. They had chosen and paid for their funerals in advance – humanist, absolutely basic coffins etc etc – and amid all the grief and trauma of their deaths not having to decide how much we should spend on things like coffins and cars to prove how much we loved our parents was such a relief.   So, regardless of any financial saving (on which I can’t advise you as I lack the crystal ball to see whether it is a ‘good’ financial investment or not), I would say if you love your family then prepay your funeral and take some pain from them.”  Another reason why funeral plans should be part of your savings strategy.

3) Why Funeral Plans?  Easy – they are the best investment out!

“The killer reason for moving a part of my savings into a funeral plan was when I discovered that my savings were earning just HALF a percent a year – less tax.   Even a great savings account paid much less than inflation.   So why funeral plans?  Because in the same year funeral inflation was 8.74%.   I see that one plan is going up by 15% on 1st April.  That is why funeral plans are such a good buy, never mind how much easier it makes for those left behind.

4) Funeral Plans are not counted as assets

for the assessment of Care Fees but savings will be counted – so £3000 in a funeral plan is worth £3000 to the family,  but £3000 in a deposit account could well be worth £3000 to the local council who will take anything over £24,500 before contributing AT ALL, and then drain your finances down to £12,500 or so (depending on where you live) before taking over the costs.in full (assuming they will, of course).  That is a really good reason why funeral plans are financially prudent.  Info: Online Daily Telegraph.

5) Religious Practices

“I am Muslim and we have strict rules as to how we are buried and that we must be buried with 24 hours.   That is why funeral plans are so important to me.   I have made all the arrangements and my requirements have been made quite clear.”

We are always interested in why funeral plans are considered so important by the public.  Please let us have your views via the contact page.

The perfect funeral for one person won’t necessarily be perfect for the next. Your life has been unique to you and with all the best intentions in the world, if left to your family and friends would you get the funeral you want?  Start planning now that you know why funeral plans are so important!

Why Funeral Plans?